The VIX API helps you write scripts to automate virtual machine operations and manipulate files within guest operating systems. VIX programs run on different systems and support management of vSphere, Workstation, Player, and Fusion. Bindings are provided for C, Perl, and COM (Visual Basic, VBscript, C#).

Also see the Workstation 10 Documentation Center.

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VIX API 1.13

Released 11 OCT 2013   |   Download SDK 1.13

VIX 1.13 is the latest release for VMware Fusion 6 and Workstation 10.

Documentation Resources:

Sample Code:

    powerOn.c – Shows how to open a virtual machine, power it on, and power it off.
    suspend.c – Demonstrates how to power on, suspend, and resume a virtual machine.
    snapshot.c – Opens a virtual machine, creates a snapshot, and reverts to snapshot state.
    guestOps.c – Demonstrates how to perform operations in a guest virtual machine.
    fhostopen.c – Finds all running virtual machines and opens a handle to each.
    callbackProc.c – How to use callback procedures with asynchronous VIX functions.
    Makefile for Linux make and nMakefile for Windows nmake.