VIX API 1.13 Release Notes

for Workstation 10 and Fusion 6 | 11 OCT 2013 | Build 1295980
Last document update: 12 NOV 2013.


VIX 1.13 is the latest VIX API release for VMware Fusion 6, Workstation 10, and Player 6. VIX 1.13 includes earlier VIX libraries delivered for vSphere, VMware Player and Workstation, without changes to those libraries.

To obtain the VIX 1.13 libraries, click the SDK Download link on the VIX API landing page. The VIX 1.13 libraries are also delivered with VMware Fusion 6 and Workstation 10. For documentation, see the VIX API landing page.

New in This Release

The following features are new or updated since VIX 1.12, the last standalone release.

  • VIX API again included with VMware Fusion 6.
    VMware Fusion 5 for the Mac included the VIX libraries, and so does Fusion 6.
  • Two new commands in the vmrun utility.
    The vmrun command line utility has been enhanced with two new options: getGuestIPAddress to retrieve the IP address of a guest operating system and checkToolsState to determine the state of VMware Tools in a guest.

Deprecation Summary

The following features are deprecated or removed in this or the previous release.

  • VIX API deprecated in vSphere. In ESXi, 5.0 guest operations became available in the vSphere API, under managed objects GuestAuthManager, GuestFileManager, GuestOperationsManager, and GuestProcessManager. JAX-WS based code samples were provided in the Web Services SDK. VIX support for ESXi is deprecated in the vSphere 5.x releases. VIX will be unsupported in the next major release of vSphere.
  • Features removed in VIX 1.11. The Record/Replay facility, the OpenUrlInGuest API, and the Vix_PumpEvents option, were all removed in the VIX 1.11 release.

Resolved Issues

The issues listed below were resolved in this release. For a list of issues resolved in the previous release, see the VIX 1.12 Release Notes.

  • VIX and VDDK libraries were not compatible.

    Programs could not use both VIX and VDDK without a workaround. If a process called both VixDiskLib_Open() and VixHost_Connect() it resulted in a crash and possible core dump. Both VIX and VDDK libraries depend on the gvmomi library and call its init() function, which exited due to assertion failure. This has been fixed by providing a VIX specific gvmomi library in this release.

  • Can now specify connect protocol in upper case.

    When users specified the connection protocol (http, https, an so on) previous VIX libraries accepted only lower case protocol name. As of this release VIX libraries will accept upper case and mixed case, as required by RFC 3986.

Known Issues

No significant issues have been discovered in this release. For a list of known issues in the previous release, see the VIX 1.12 Release Notes.