VIX API 1.15 Release Notes

For VMware Fusion 8 and Workstation 12 | 24 AUG 2015 | VIX Build 2985596
Last document update: 26 MAY 2016.


VIX 1.15 is the release for Workstation Pro 12, Workstation Player 12, and VMware Fusion 8. There are no changes to the API in this release.

For vSphere, the VIX API was deprecated in 2012, as announced in the VIX 1.11 Release Notes. VIX 1.14 was the last supported release for vSphere. VIX is no longer supported with vSphere 6.5 and VMware Tools 10.1.0 onwards.

Starting with vSphere 5.0, VIX APIs were integrated into the vSphere Web Services SDK. Programs using VIX can be updated to use “VMODL Guest Operations” – see the Guest Ops technical note.

New in This Release

The following features were new or updated since VIX 1.12, the last standalone release.

  • VIX API for Workstation Pro 12 and Workstation Player 12.
    Workstation Player numbering has been brought in line with Workstation Pro. VIX libraries are included with both.
  • VIX API again included with VMware Fusion.
    VMware Fusion 5 for Mac OS X included the VIX libraries, as did intervening releases and VMware Fusion 8.

Compatibility Notice

The following compatibility notice is for VMware Fusion customers.

  • Use Workstation service provider for Fusion. When preparing VIX programs for VMware Fusion, define VixServiceProvider as type VIX_SERVICEPROVIDER_VMWARE_WORKSTATION. There is no available type definition for VMware Fusion as a service provider. See the vix.h include file.

Deprecation Summary

The following deprecation notice applies to vSphere releases.

  • VIX API deprecated in vSphere. In ESXi, 5.0 guest operations became available in the vSphere API, under managed objects GuestAuthManager, GuestFileManager, GuestOperationsManager, and GuestProcessManager. JAX-WS based code samples are provided in the Web Services SDK. VIX support for ESXi is deprecated in the vSphere 5.x releases, and discontinued in the vSphere 6.x releases.

Resolved Issues

No significant issues were fixed in this release. For a list of issues resolved in a previous release, see the VIX 1.14 Release Notes.

Known Issues

No significant issues were discovered in this release. For a list of known issues in a previous release, see the VIX 1.14 Release Notes.