vSphere Management SDK 5.1 Release Notes

Released 10Sep2012

Any version numbers contained in this document are placeholders and do not represent any commitment by VMware to have any specific features in the software included in any specific versions.

The vSphere Management SDK is a collection of software development kits for the vSphere management programming environment. The vSphere Management SDK contains the following vSphere SDKs.

vSphere Web Services SDK Supports the vSphere API which provides access to vSphere Server Web services.
vSphere vCenter Storage Monitoring Service (SMS) SDK Supports the SMS API which provides access to the vCenter Storage Monitoring Web service.
vSphere ESX Agent Manager (EAM) SDK Supports the EAM API which provides access to vSphere management components.
vCenter Single Sign On SDK Supports the use of SAML tokens for client participation in single sign-on sessions with a vCenter Server.

When you extract the contents of the distribution kit, you create the following sub-directories for the individual SDKs:



For information about the different APIs, see the VMware vSphere Documentation Center. The relevant portion of the table of contents is shown here:

vSphere API/SDK Documentation
  vSphere Management SDK     vSphere Web Services SDK Documentation
      Developer's Setup Guide
      vSphere Web Services SDK Programming Guide
      VMware vSphere API Reference
      Using a Proxy with vSphere Virtual Serial Ports
    vCenter Single Sign On SDK
    VMware CIM SMASH/Server Management API for ESXi Documentation
    vSphere vCenter Storage Monitoring Service (SMS) API Reference
    vCenter Solutions Manager, vServices, and vSphere ESX Agent Manager SDK Documentation