VMware vSphere PowerCLI Change Log

This document lists all changes introduced in the following vSphere PowerCLI releases:

vSphere PowerCLI 4.0 Update 1

vSphere PowerCLI 4.0 Update 1

Change Type Description
feature Added the Get-NicTeamingPolicy and Set-NicTeamingPolicy cmdlets for managing the failover and load-balancing policies of VirtualSwitch and VirtualPortGroup objects.
feature Added the Copy-VMGuestFile cmdlet for copying files in and out of guest operating system.
feature Added the Restart-VM cmdlet for restarting virtual machines.

Added the Start-VMHost, Restart-VMHost, Suspend-VMHost, and Stop-VMHost cmdlets for managing the power state of hosts.


Added the Get-VMGuestNetworkInterface, Set-VMGuestNetworkInterface, Get-VMGuestRoute, New-VMGuestRoute, Remove-VMGuestRoute, and Set-VMGuestRoute cmdlets for managing guest networks.


Added the Get-UsbDevice and Remove-UsbDevice cmdlets for retrieving and removing USB devices.

feature Added the Get-OSCustomizationNicMapping, New-OSCustomizationNicMapping, and Set-OSCustomizationNicMapping cmdlets for managing NIC customization settings.
feature Added the Get-VMQuestion and Set-VMQuestion cmdlets for handling virtual machine questions.

Added the Get-VMHostHba, Set-VMHostHba, Get-iScsiHbaTarget, New-iScsiHbaTarget, Remove-iScsiHbaTarget, Set-iScsiHbaTarget, and Set-VMHostStorage cmdlets for working with host storages and iSCSI HBA devices.

feature Added the Move-Template cmdlet for moving templates and enhanced Move-Inventory to support moving templates.
feature Added the Get-VIPrivilege, Get-VIRole, New-VIRole, Remove-VIRole, Set-VIRole, Get-VIPermission, New-VIPermission, Remove-VIPermission, and Set-VIPermission cmdlets for managing the access control system.
feature Added the Get-VApp, Export-VApp, Import-VApp, New-VApp, Remove-VApp, Set-VApp, Start-VApp, and Stop-VApp cmdlets for managing virtual appliances.
feature Added the Get-DrsRecommendation and Apply-DrsRecommendation cmdlets.
feature Added the Install-VMHostPatch cmdlet for upgrading hosts.
feature Added the Add-PassthroughDevice, Get-PassthroughDevice, and Remove-PassthroughDevice cmdlets for managing PCI and SCSI passthrough devices.
feature Enhanced New-VM to support creating virtual machines with thin provisioned disks.
feature Enhanced New-VM to support cloning of powered-on virtual machines.
feature Enhanced Invoke-VMScript to support BAT (Windows) and BASH (Linux) scripts.
feature Enhanced Set-HardDisk to support resizing of virtual disks and guest partitions.
feature Enhanced Set-VMHostFirmware to support uploading of firmware packages.
feature Enhanced Copy-HardDisk, New-HardDisk, and Set-HardDisk to support extending, cloning, inflating, and reallocating virtual hard disks.
feature Enhanced New-VMHostAccount and Set-VMHostAccount to support granting and revoking shell access.
feature Created default drives for the Datastore Provider and Inventory Provider. Added support for working with files and directories in datastores.
improvement Extended the VMHost output object to contain extra information.
improvement Enhanced Update-Tools to upgrade VMware Tools without restarting the Windows guest operating system.
improvement Extended the Snapshot output object to contain extra information.
improvement Enhanced Set-VMHost to support evacuation of virtual machines.
improvement Enhanced Get-HardDisk to support RDM disks.
improvement Improved the performance of Get-VM.
improvement Extended the VIServer object to include server version information.
improvement The vmware.vim assembly loads automatically.
improvement Added support for working with multiple servers. Disconnect-VIServer disconnects the last connected server.
improvement Enhanced Set-VM to support converting virtual machines to templates.
improvement Enhanced New-VM and Set-VM to support virtual machine swap file policy modification.
improvement Added IPv6 support in some of the cmdlets.
improvement Added the Get-VMHostAvailableTimeZone cmdlet and enhanced Set-VMHost to support managing the host time zones.
modification Deprecated Get-VIToolkitDocumentation, Get-VIToolkitCommunity, Get-VIToolkitConfiguration, and Get-VIToolkitVersion and added Get-PowerCLIDocumentation, Get-PowerCLICommunity, Get-PowerCLIConfiguration, and Get-PowerCLIVersion.
modification Deprecated the Get-CustomField, New-CustomField, Remove-CustomField, and Set-CustomField cmdlets and replaced the deprecated functionality with the Get-CustomAttribute, New-CustomAttribute, Remove-CustomAttribute, Set-CustomAttribute, Get-Annotation, and Set-Annotation cmdlets.
modification Deprecated the NIC information in the VMHostNetworkInfo object and added the Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter cmdlet for retrieving NIC information.
bug fix After a virtual machine is powered on,(Get-Datastore).FreeSpaceMB returns the actual datastore free space without requiring that the datastore be refreshed first.
bug fix The output of Get-LogType cmdlet can be pipelined to the Get-Log cmdlet.
bug fix When running Get-ScsiLunPath, the SCSI device can be specified by name.
bug fix Get-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration returns correct output when run against vCenter Server and ESX.
bug fix New-HardDisk can create new virtual hard disks on a virtual machine that has no other hard disks.
bug fix New-VMHostNetworkAdapter accepts object names as arguments for the VirtualSwitch parameter.
bug fix If a user tries to remove a nonexisting CD drive or a CD drive that belongs to a powered-on or suspended virtual machine, a terminating error is thrown and the following message is displayed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
bug fix If a user tries to remove a nonexisting floppy drive or a floppy drive that belongs to a powered-on or suspended virtual machine, a terminating error is thrown and the following message is displayed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
bug fix Update-Tools does not stop responding if the mouse, VGA, and network drivers are not signed.
bug fix The output of the dir command run within the Inventory Provider is made easy to read.
bug fix Files can be copied in or out of the Datastore Provider using the Copy-DatastoreItem commandlet.
security enhancement PowerCLI assemblies are digitally signed.

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