VMware ESX Server 2.0.1 Driver Update for Internet Explorer 6

Released 12/04/03

TAR File

This patch includes a new update for the VMware Management Interface problem on the Startup profile page.

Under some circumstances, when using Internet Explorer 6, the PCI information for specific devices can trigger an error. This prevents you from assigning the device to virtual machines.

This problem can occur when you have six or more PCI devices to be configured on the Startup profile page and the PCI bus value for one or more of these devices is greater than 19 and you are using Internet Explorer 6.

A work-around for this issue is available. You can use the command line interface vmkpcidivy, or use Netscape 7.

This update addresses the issue for Internet Explorer 6 users. The change only affects the management interface. The script query.js, which is utilized by the management interface to assign data devices to the service console or to virtual machines, will be replaced.

VMware ESX Server 2.0.1 Update
Released 12/04/03 | 5.8 MB

Note: This update works only on ESX Server 2.0.1 build 6403 (the GA release). Please make sure that this build is installed before applying the patch.

Installing the Update

  1. Log in as root into the ESX Server 2.0.1 service console.
  2. Download the update, esx6433update.tar.gz, into a temporary directory, for example /tmp, on your service console.
  3. Change directories to /tmp:
    cd /tmp
  4. Verify the integrity of the package:
    md5sum esx6433update.tar.gz.

    The output should be:
    7e25d7d43a1a7fd8a7208c500f4c95da esx6433update.tar.gz

  5. Extract the compressed tar archive:
    tar -xvzf esx6433update.tar.gz
  6. Change directories to the newly created directory, esx6433update.
    cd esx6433update
  7. Run the driver installer.
  8. The script will check for the correct version numbers and apply the patch.
  9. Open the VMware Management Interface and log in for the patch to take effect.