VMware Support Services can be accessed from the VMware Web site or via the phone. Access varies by license type, support offering (contract or per–incident) and product.

Support Terms & Conditions

How to File a Support Request Online

Filing a Support Request (SR) online is the fastest method to file an SR and is available to all customers covered by one of our support contracts or by the purchase of a support incident.

1. Go to My VMware, login and select Get Support.

2. Under Technical Product choose a Problem Category for the area of the product you require support on (an explanation of each problem category can be seen if you hover over the problem category with your mouse):


3. Select the Entitlement Account which the SR will be associated to and that has a support contract for the product you require support for:

Supported Product

4. After clicking Continue, a list of most common issues/questions for the product you have chosen will appear under Suggested Resources. If these suggestions do not help in solving the problem, enter a description of the problem you are experiencing in the Problem Description window and/or choose “tags” that help describe the problem further:

Problem Description

5. If the Suggested Resources don’t solve the problem you are experiencing click on “Continue Support Request” to open an SR with VMware Technical Support.

6. Fill out the necessary fields, provide a more detailed problem description and attach any/all configuration, logs and core files (as appropriate). Use the blue exclamation mark tool tips to get more information on the required fields and for guidance on values to select:

Support Request Information

7. After you fill out the SR form, your request is assigned an SR number. The SR number is confirmed with you on-screen and a confirmation email will be sent to you within one hour. Please use the SR number when communicating with VMware regarding that specific issue. If you do not receive an electronic response within one hour, please send an inquiry to Customer Service.