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Before You Install the Release

Before You Install the Release

There are a few steps you should take — before you install this release — to ensure the best possible experience with the new version.

Virtual machines created with GSX Server 1.x or later, Workstation 2.0.x or Workstation 3.x can be run under GSX Server 2.5.2. However, you should test the older virtual machines thoroughly under GSX Server 2.5.2 before committing to production use in the new environment. Be sure to back up the virtual machines before you begin your tests.

  • Resume and shut down suspended virtual machines

    If you plan to use virtual machines created under earlier VMware products, be sure they have been shut down completely before you remove the release you used to create them.

    If the virtual machine is suspended, resume it in the VMware product you used to create it (GSX Server 1.x or 2.0.x, Workstation 2.0.x or 3.0.x), shut down the guest operating system, then power off the virtual machine.

  • Commit or discard changes to virtual disks in undoable mode

    If you plan to use existing virtual machines that have disks in undoable mode, commit or discard any changes to the virtual disks before you remove the release you used to create them.

    Resume or power on the virtual machine in the earlier release, shut down the guest operating system, power off the virtual machine and either commit or discard changes to the undoable disk when prompted.

  • Back up virtual machines

    Back up all the files in your virtual machine directories — including the .vmdk or .dsk, .cfg or .vmx and nvram files — for any virtual machines you plan to use under this release.

    Virtual machines updated for full compatibility with GSX Server 2.5.2 can only be used with GSX Server 2.0.x or later and Workstation 3.x or later, but not under earlier versions of VMware software.

    Note: If you use a virtual machine created under GSX Server 2.5.2 with Workstation 4.0, and you upgrade the virtual machine for use with Workstation 4.0, you cannot use this virtual machine again under GSX Server 2.5.2.

  • Back up the VMware GSX Server software

    If you intend to use your older GSX Server software, keep the CD-ROM or ESD installation package handy, or else back up the drive on which GSX Server is currently installed.

    If you need to install the software on the same computer where you now have an earlier version installed, make sure you back up the current installation and the virtual machine files so that you can restore them later. Note that you do not need to enter a new serial number if you install the software on the same computer where you now have version 2.0.x or later installed. Your existing license is still valid and entering the serial number overwrites your existing license.

  • Uninstall any existing version of VMware GSX Server

    If you have GSX Server installed, you must uninstall the previous build before installing the new version:

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