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If You Are Upgrading from an Earlier Version of GSX Server

The installation steps for your host require that you run an uninstaller to remove a previous version of GSX Server from your machine.

On a Windows host, the uninstaller asks whether you want to keep licenses in your registry. Do not remove the licenses.

On a Linux host, the license remains in place. You do not need to take any special action. Just leave it where it is.

Take Note of Custom Network Configurations

If you customized any virtual network settings or created a custom network, you must take note of these settings before you uninstall the previous version of GSX Server. Custom network settings cannot be preserved across product upgrades and must be configured again after you install the new version.

Reinstall VMware Tools

Installing VMware Tools ensures the best performance for your guest operating system. See Installing VMware Tools in the VMware GSX Server Virtual Machine Guide.

For more information about upgrading, see Upgrading VMware GSX Server.

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