VMware vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-In 1.0 Release Notes

VMware vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-In 1.0 | 13 Sep 2011 | Build 124

VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.1 | 13 Jul 2010 | Build 581

VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.2 | 24 Aug 2011 | Build 5277

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Introduction to the VMware vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-In

The VMware vCenter Orchestrator SNMP plug-in allows organizations to automatically trigger workflows based on SNMP messages. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is one of the most widely used protocols to manage network devices and systems in IP networks, and to notify monitoring systems of current or imminent failures. SNMP is the default alerting mechanism for vCenter Server and ESX/ESXi.

With the SNMP plug-in, organizations can define policies that automatically trigger specific workflows when SNMP traps are received by Orchestrator. For instance, an administrator can configure a workflow that, upon detecting that a vCenter Server datacenter is nearing full capacity, would reclaim unused resources or provision additional compute and storage resources. The SNMP plug-in can process events beyond vCenter Server, so the triggers for workflows can come from any device or system that supports SNMP.

The SNMP plug-in provides the ability to perform GET operations to retrieve device data, and other administrative tasks such as registering and unregistering SNMP devices. The plug-in provides full coverage of SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c, and partial coverage of SNMPv3.

The VMware vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-In 1.0 release runs on VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.1 and the subsequent update releases, as well as VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.2. For instructions about installing and configuring the plug-in, see Using the vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-In 1.0.x.

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