Scripting Object - VcOvfResourceMap

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Scripting Object Description

Maps source child entities to destination resource pools and resource settings. If a mapping is not specified, a child is copied as a direct child of the parent.


Name Type Description

A client can optionally specify a datastore location in the resource map to override the default datastore passed into VcOvfManager field. This enables importing to different compute resources that do not have shared datastores.
dynamicProperty*VcDynamicProperty []

Set of dynamic properties. This property is optional because only the properties of an object that are unknown to a client will be part of this set. This property is not readonly just in case we want to send such properties from a client in the future.


The parent resource pool to use for the entity. This must specify a resource pool that is not part of the vApp. If this is specified, a linked child (as opposed to a direct child) is created for the vApp.

An optional resource configuration for the created entity. If not specified, the resource configuration given in the OVF descriptor is used.

Identifies a source VirtualSystem or VirtualSystemCollection in an OVF descriptor. The source cannot be the root VirtualSystem or VirtualSystemCollection of the OVF. This is a path created by concatenating the OVF ids for each entity, e.g., "vm1", "WebTier/vm2", etc.
*May not be present


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