Scripting Object - VcPolicyOption

Attribute of
VcCompositePolicyOption, VcProfilePolicy

Scripting Object Description

The VcPolicyOption data object represents one or more configuration values. A policy option is one of the configuration options from the VcProfilePolicyMetadata.VcProfilePolicyMetadata list.


Name Type Description

Identifier for the policy option. This value matches one of the keys from the list of possible options in the policy metadata (VcProfilePolicyMetadata.VcProfilePolicyMetadata[].VcProfilePolicyOptionMetadata.VcElementDescription).
parameter*VcKeyAnyValue []

Parameters for the policy option. This list must include all parameters that are not marked as optional in the policy option metadata parameter list (VcProfilePolicyMetadata.VcProfilePolicyMetadata[].VcProfilePolicyOptionMetadata[].VcProfileParameterMetadata).
*May not be present


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