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Within a VcPropertyFilterSpec, A VcPropertySpec specifies which properties should be reported to the client for objects of the given managed object type that are visited and not skipped. One more subtle side effect is that if a managed object is visited and not skipped, but there is no VcPropertySpec associated with the managed object's type, the managed object will not be reported to the client.

Also, the set of properties applicable to a given managed object type is the union of the properties implied by the VcPropertySpec objects even, in the case of a VcRetrieveResult, where there may be an applicable VcPropertySpec in more than one filter.


Name Type Description

Specifies whether or not all properties of the object are read. If this property is set to true, the VcPropertySpec property is ignored.
pathSet*string []

Specifies which managed object properties are retrieved. If the VcPropertySpec is empty, then the VcPropertyCollector retrieves references to the managed objects and no managed object properties are collected.

Name of the managed object type being collected.
*May not be present


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