Scripting Object - VcUpdateSet

Returned by
checkForUpdates, waitForUpdates, waitForUpdatesEx

Scripting Object Description

A set of updates that represent the changes since a prior call to VcPropertyCollector, VcPropertyCollector, or VcPropertyCollector.


Name Type Description
filterSet*VcPropertyFilterUpdate []

Set of managed object updates detected by specific filters. Updates are reported in sets. Each set is associated with a reference to a filter that detected the updates in the set.

If true, this VcUpdateSet contains results from a suspended change calculation, which places restrictions on the use of version.

The VcPropertyCollector may suspend a calculation due to server policy or if the total number of VcObjectUpdate entries summed across every VcPropertyFilterUpdate reached the maximum specified in VcWaitOptions. The client can pass the "truncated data version" to VcPropertyCollector to resume the update calculation, which will start on the filter where it left off. A truncated data version cannot be used more than once and may not be passed to VcPropertyCollector or VcPropertyCollector. VcUpdateSet will never be true in an VcUpdateSet returned from VcPropertyCollector or VcPropertyCollector.

If false, this VcUpdateSet contains a complete change calculation or the last part of a series of suspended change calculations. The version may be passed to VcPropertyCollector, VcPropertyCollector, or VcPropertyCollector more than once. Re-using a version allows a client to recover a change sequence after a transient failure on a previous call.


New data version to pass in the next call to VcPropertyCollector, VcPropertyCollector, or VcPropertyCollector. These versions, although they are opaque, are strongly ordered in the sense that passing a version to VcPropertyCollector, VcPropertyCollector or VcPropertyCollector requests updates that reflect changes in the objects selected by the Filter that happened after the specified version.
*May not be present


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