Scripting Object - VcWaitOptions

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Scripting Object Description

Options for VcPropertyCollector.


Name Type Description

The maximum number of VcObjectUpdate entries that should be returned in a single result from VcPropertyCollector. See VcUpdateSet

An unset value indicates that there is no maximum. In this case VcPropertyCollector policy may still limit the number of objects that appear in an VcUpdateSet.

A positive value causes VcPropertyCollector to suspend the update calculation when the total count of VcObjectUpdate entries ready to return reaches the specified maximum. VcPropertyCollector policy may still limit the total count to something less than VcWaitOptions.

A value less than or equal to 0 is illegal.


The number of seconds the VcPropertyCollector should wait before returning null. Returning updates may take longer if the actual calculation time exceeds VcWaitOptions. Additionally VcPropertyCollector policy may cause it to return null sooner than VcWaitOptions.

An unset value causes VcPropertyCollector to wait as long as possible for updates. Policy may still cause the VcPropertyCollector to return null at some point.

A value of 0 causes VcPropertyCollector to do one update calculation and return any results. This behavior is similar to VcPropertyCollector.

A positive value causes VcPropertyCollector to return null if no updates are available within the specified number of seconds. The choice of a positive value often depends on the client communication stack. For example it may be helpful to choose a duration shorter than a local HTTP request timeout. Typically it should be no shorter than a few minutes.

A negative value is illegal.

*May not be present


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