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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

The following sections describe additional resources available for any troubleshooting or technical support issues you might have.

Technical Support Resources

Technical Support Resources

If you have problems while running the P2V Assistant, please submit a support request. The guidelines listed below describe the information we need from you to diagnose various types of problems.

  • If the P2V Assistant reaches the final Complete page, it displays the path of the support file. The file is created after the application terminates, so write down the location of the file, click Finish to terminate the application, then locate the support file.

  • If the P2V Assistant terminates normally before the Complete page appears (for example, as the result of pressing Cancel at any time during the disk cloning or reconfiguration process), the application attempts to generate the support file but does not display its location. Look for the most recent file with a name of the form:


    This file is in the directory:

    X:\<docs_settings>\<your_username>\Local Settings\Temp\

    In this directory name, X: is your system drive and <docs_settings> is the default Documents and Settings directory or your designated substitute.

  • If you cannot find a support file, or the P2V Assistant terminates abnormally, look for the most recent folder with a name of the form P2V-Session-<Date>-<TimeOfDay> in the same directory described above. If the directory exists, package it into a single ZIP file using a utility such as Winzip, then send the ZIP file to VMware Support.

Be sure to register your serial number. You may then report your problems using the support request form on the VMware Web site at www.vmware.com/requestsupport.

Troubleshooting Resources

Troubleshooting Resources

The following files can give you additional information about a problem that you are seeing. However, they are mainly intended to be used by VMware personnel for debugging.

  • For P2V Assistant Boot CD support, refer to the bootcdlog.txt file.

    Whenever a source machine is booted with the P2V Assistant Boot CD, a support file is generated and stored in /etc/bootcdlog.txt.

  • For application or cloned virtual machine support, refer to the P2V Assistant .sup file for the session that corresponds with the bootcdlog.txt file.

    The P2V Assistant Boot CD Troubleshooting Tips page lists the path to this support file and instructions on how to locate it. This file is available if you used the P2V Assistant to create a cloned disk.

    The support file is in the form:


    For example:


    The file is located in the system's temporary directory, which on most systems is similar to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp. You can find it by typing %temp% in the Explorer address bar.

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