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Configuration Tasks for Both Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2000

Some configuration steps are standard, such as:

  • Attach installation media as CD-ROM or ISO. Remove stale devices.
  • Install VMware Tools. If you selected the option during the P2V Assistant processes, it copied only the VMware Tools Installer to the system root:\VMware Tools Installer\setup\setup.exe file.
  • Restore drive letter assignments to their original values, as needed.
  • If the cloned disk was created using a third party tool, or if the cloning was done by P2V Assistant, but the source disk was a dynamic disk, some partition drive letters may have changed.

    P2V Assistant ensures that the critical system partition drive letter is unchanged. However, it is possible other partition drive letter may have changed.

    Review the new virtual machine partition drive letter assignments and restore them to their original values, if needed.

    Network Interface Cards

    Every NIC on the source computer may be replaced by an AMD PCnet or VMXnet NIC i0n the target computer. When the virtual machine is created the first time, one virtual NIC is configured by default. You can add NICs using the configuration editor. If you have machines that have multiple adapters mapped to different protocols, then you must manually set up the networking on the target machine. Map each AMD PCnet or VMXnet NIC to the same protocol as on the source computer.

    Note: If you get a duplicate error when you attempt to assign an IP address to an AMD NIC on a Windows 2000 machine, start the Add/Remove Hardware wizard, select Uninstall a Device, select the Show Hidden Devices check box and remove the old NIC that no longer exists in the virtual machine.

    Inside the Windows 2000 or NT virtual machine, each NIC can be configured with the same IP address as the corresponding physical NIC on the source computer. If DHCP is used, the DHCP server may need to be reconfigured to assign specific addresses to the target computer's NICs.

    Enable the VMXnet NIC (if applicable) by installing the VMware Tools service in the target computer.

    VMware SVGA Graphics Card

    The P2V Assistant creates a temporary VMware SVGA graphics card driver during the reconfiguration. Whether you allowed P2V Assistant to install a temporary VMware SVGA driver or not, you need to install the SVGA driver during the installation of VMware Tools.

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