VMware P2V Assistant 2.1

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Choosing to Perform a System Reconfiguration

If the P2V Assistant does not find a supported operating system on the source disk being cloned, you do not see the System Reconfiguration page. Skip to the next section, Selecting Disk Cloning Options.

Select whether or not to perform a system reconfiguration of the operating system on the cloned disk.

Link to clonewrecgf.png

This panel appears if the P2V Assistant finds a supported operating system, which can be reconfigured.

  • No — Copies over disk data to a target disk without any modification to system files or registry settings. Select this option to archive disk data.
  • If there is an operating system installed on the source disk, you still have the option, after the cloning is complete, to rerun the P2V Assistant and perform a system reconfiguration.

  • Yes — Copies over disk data to a target disk and as applicable, reconfigures system files and registry settings in the virtual disk. This option makes the virtual disk bootable.
  • Click the appropriate radio button, then click Next.

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