VMware P2V Assistant 2.1

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Completing the Cloning Process

After you have made all the decisions, the P2V Assistant creates the designated cloned disk.

1. Confirm the execution of the selected task, cloned disk or system reconfiguration. Click OK.

Link to cloneready.png

Numerous progress messages appear. The specific messages you see depend upon the options you selected. Progress statistics include MBytes copied, throughput, and estimated time of completion.

2. Close the P2V Assistant.

Link to clonecomplete.png

a. Note the location of the support files created during the P2V Assistant session.

b. Click Finish.

Progress pages appear. The opening P2V Assistant page appears, ready to perform another task.

3. Remove the P2V Assistant boot CD from the source computer, and restart the computer as needed.

4. If you used the P2V Assistant direct disk device option, you must gracefully shut down the helper virtual machine running the P2V Assistant assistant.

This ensures that all the system reconfiguration changes are completely written to disk. You have completed creating a virtual disk cloned disk using VMware P2V Assistant.

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