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Cloning and Configuring Considerations

When configuring the virtual disks, match the number of virtual disks to the number of physical disks on the source computer. Regardless of the type of the source disk, the P2V Assistant migration process generally creates a SCSI virtual disk. The exception might be if you use the advanced Direct to Disk option with GSX Server or Workstation and set up an IDE disk as the target disk, though SCSI is recommended. ESX Server always limits the choices to a SCSI disk.

Note: If your source computer has multiple disks, you need to run the VMware P2V Assistant separately for each physical disk.

During the disk cloning process, only the actual data is copied over. For example, if you have a 18GB physical disk, but have only 4GB of actual data, the P2V Assistant copies over 4GB of data during the migration process.

  • The size of each virtual disk must be large enough to hold the data from its physical counterpart. In general, both the physical and virtual disks should be the same size.
  • You can create a cloned disk that is larger than the source physical disk.
  • You can create a cloned disk that is smaller than the source physical disk.
  • You have the option on your virtual disk to resize or not include partitions that exist on the source disk.
  • In addition, perform the following:

  • Have local Administrator passwords available (or reset prior to cloning).
  • Disable services prior to cloning, if possible.
  • Ensure the source physical machine is not available for general use during the cloning process (unless using third-party backup/restore tool).
  • Shut down the source computer gracefully prior to cloning.
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