VMware P2V Assistant 2.1

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Selecting System Reconfiguration Options

1. Select the system reconfiguration options.

Link to clonetargetplatform.png

Options not applicable to the current system reconfiguration are not listed. Select the options, as needed. Click Next.

  • Select the target VMware product on which the new cloned disk will be used.
  • Select whether or not to pre-install a temporary VMware SVGA driver for smooth graphics and mouse operation.
  • Pre-installing the SVGA driver enables full-color graphics and smooth mouse movements on the first boot. This pre-installed version is replaced when you install the guest operating system in the cloned disk.

  • Attempt to preserve drive letter to volume mapping.
  • This option identifies the drive letters assigned to each volume on the source disk and assigns the same drive letters to the volumes on the target disk. This option does not appear if the target disk type is a direct disk device.

    2. If the disk has a Windows NT Server operating system you may need to locate current service pack or hot-fix files.

    Click the Browse button and locate the path to the required files.

    Link to p2va_1.png

    These items are required under the following conditions:

  • If the Windows NT source machine is installed on an SMP system, the P2V Assistant requests the appropriate service pack.
  • If the Windows NT SMP source machine has hot-fixes applied, the P2V Assistant requests the appropriate hot-fix in addition to the service pack.
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