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Identifying the Source Disk

If you do not see the Select a source computer panel, you selected the system reconfiguration option. Proceed to Reconfiguring Clones.

1. Enter the source computer identification information, then click Next.

Link to clonesourceaddress.png

The fields indicate:

  • IP address — Enter the IP address or the hostname of the source computer.
  • Port Number — Enter the port number that P2V Assistant uses to perform the cloning operation. The port number is listed on the page on the source computer after you booted using the P2V Assistant Boot CD. The source computer port number and the port number listed in this window must match. For example, if you used port 5000 on the source computer you must specify 5000 in this window.
  • P2V Assistant connects to the source computer.

    A progress message appears while P2V Assistant attempts to connect to the source computer.

    2. Select the source disk for the P2V Assistant migration, then click Next.

    Link to clonesourcedisks.png

    If the source disk is not already highlighted or there is more than one hard disk to choose from, select the desired hard disk by clicking your choice.

    Note: You can migrate only one physical disk at a time.

    This panel lists the partitions on the disk to be cloned.

    The P2V Assistant displays progress messages.

    3. Verify that the disk volume and operating system information is correct. Click Next.

    Link to clonesourcevolume.png

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