VMware P2V Assistant 2.1

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About This Manual

This manual describes how to use the VMware P2V Assistant: how to install it, and how to use it to create virtual disks for use as archives and for use with VMware virtual machines.

Intended Audience

The P2V Assistant helps you in the physical-to-virtual disk migration process by automating several steps. However, it is not intended to serve as an unattended migration tool for casual use. The physical-to-virtual migration process is complex and should be attempted only by technical system administrators with a good understanding of, and familiarity with, operating systems, drivers, imaging tools, common operating system concepts (such as a hardware abstraction layer [HAL]), and VMware products.

You are encouraged to take P2V training, offered by VMware Professional Services, before using this application. VMware partners must pass Certification by VMware before using this application.

Additional Resources

Refer to the following for additional information.

General VMware Web site — www.vmware.com

Log case issues Web site — www.vmware.com/support

New features requests — send us an email

Education services — send us an email

Technical support Web site — www.vmware.com/support

Consulting services — send us an email

Document History

This manual is revised with each release of the product or when deemed necessary. A revised version can contain minor or major changes.

Release Date Document Format


September 21, 2006

Web PDF and HTML


October 13, 2005

Web PDF and HTML, Printed


September 9, 2004

Web PDF and HTML

2.0.1 GA

August 19, 2004

Product CD PDF, Web PDF and HTML, Printed

2.0 GA

June 17, 2004

Product CD PDF, Web PDF and HTML, Printed

2.0 beta 1

March 25, 2004


1.0 GA

July 21, 2003

Product CD PDF, Web PDF, Printed

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