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Application Compatibility

Most migrated applications should function correctly in the target computer because their configuration and data files are replicated and are found at the same locations (paths) as on the source computer. Applications that depend on the specific characteristics (such as the serial number or the device manufacturer) of the underlying hardware might not work.

When troubleshooting a malfunctioning application during migration of a virtual machine, keep in mind the following hardware changes:

  • The CPU model and serial number (if activated) may be different. They correspond to the physical computer hosting the virtual machine.
  • The network interface card (NIC) is different (AMD™ PCNet™ or VMXnet NIC) with a different MAC address. Each interface's IP address has to be individually reconfigured.
  • The graphics card is different (VMware SVGA card).
  • The number of disks and partitions is the same, but each disk device has a different model and manufacturer strings.
  • The primary disk controller is likely to be different from the source machine's.
  • Applications that depend on devices that are not available from within a virtual machine may not work.
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