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New Virtual Machine Considerations

Performing a system reconfiguration ensures that the new virtual disk can boot. Unsupported adapters are not migrated. Supported adapters include AMD PCNet Ethernet adapter, Buslogic SCSI adapter, CD-ROM, and floppy drives.

Any software that is hardware-dependent requires attention. Specifically, during a migration or system reconfiguration the following identification items change:

  • MAC address
  • CPU model and serial number
  • Disk device model and manufacturer settings
  • The migrated virtual machine seems to be identical to the original physical machine on the network. Use caution when powering on both the original physical machine and the newly migrated virtual machine simultaneously on the same network. Consider using a private network for the newly migrated virtual machine to avoid conflicts. Or change the machine identification information. This includes the machine name, IP address, and network information.

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