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Creating a New Virtual Machine with Workstation, VMware Server, or GSX Server

When creating a new virtual machine in Workstation, VMware Server, or GSX Server, follow these additional guidelines:

1. Use the New Virtual Machine Wizard to create the new virtual machine. Select Custom for the configuration.

2. You may want to choose host-only networking for your network connection during initial testing of your new virtual machine. Later, you can switch your network connection to bridged networking or network address translation (NAT).

3. Select Use an existing virtual disk for the disk type and use the cloned disk (containing the operating system) produced by the P2V Assistant. Add the other virtual disks as additional drives once you have created the virtual machine.

4. Return to the Workstation, VMware Server, or GSX Server interface and modify the virtual machine identification information, if necessary.

If you have created multiple clones of an existing physical machine and you plan to run the virtual machines on the same network, each machine must have its own identity.

Update the following:

  • Change the computer name
  • Change the system identification (SID)
  • Convert any existing network interface cards (NICs) to DHCP connectivity
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