VMware P2V Assistant 2.1

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Starting the P2V Assistant

1. Assemble the pieces.

  • Install the P2V Assistant in the helper machine, if you have not done this already. The helper machine can be a physical machine or a virtual machine.
  • Identify and locate the cloned disk virtual disk. This can be a disk attached to the helper virtual machine or it can be a file in a network location accessible by the helper machine.
  • 2. Start the VMware P2V Assistant.

    Double-click the VMware P2V Assistant icon or choose Start > VMware > VMware P2V Assistant. Refer to Introducing VMware P2V Assistant for information on P2V Assistant helper machine requirements.

    3. Select the system reconfiguration task, then click Next.

    Link to SelectTaskRecfg.png

    The choices are:

  • Clone a source computer's physical disk to a virtual disk
  • For information on cloning a source disk, refer to Creating Cloned Disks.

  • Perform a System Reconfiguration on an existing virtual disk that contains an operating system
  • Select this option when you have an existing virtual disk and you want to alter the disk to serve as the primary bootable system disk in a new standalone virtual machine. The virtual disk could have been created by expanding a third party image onto a virtual disk attached to the helper virtual machine.

    You might see an information message listing how many reconfiguration licenses you have left. If you do not wish to see this message, click the appropriate check box.

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