Lifecycle Policy

VMware will offer 4 years of support from the general availability of a new Major Release as per the Support and Subscription Terms and Conditions.

Phase Phase Length Additional Policy Details
General Support 3 years General Support will be provided for a minimum of 3 years from general availability of a Major Release. Security vulnerability resolutions and critical bug fixes will be made available in all supported Minor versions, while other maintenance will be applied to the latest supported Minor release only. Minor Releases and vFabric Platform Releases will be supported a minimum of 18 months from their initial general availability.
Technical Guidance 1 year

For those products with a maintainable data component that includes regular, periodic data updates (such as vendor application and operating system patch data), data support will be provided for 1 year following the end of General Support as part of Technical Guidance. The maintainable data component includes updates, bug and security fixes and technical support helpdesk on the product’s maintainable data component only.