VMware Oracle Support Policy


VMware’s business mission is to reduce complexity, lower costs, and improve information technology service delivery for customers. This extended support policy delivers this, by driving resolution of customer technology issues that involve multiple product vendors. VMware is committed to its customers’ success and supports their choice to run Oracle software in modern, virtualized environments.

Expanded Support

VMware is committed to the success of its customers in deploying simplified, cost-effective, and better information technology services. To further this, we recently announced expanded support for Oracle Database technical issues with the VMware vSphere platform. This expanded technical support is driven by our VMware customers’ choice to deploy increasing amounts of their Oracle Database software with VMware products.

This expanded support is targeted at Oracle Database usage “above and below” vSphere, where the Oracle database is:

  • used as a data store for VMware products
  • run within a virtual machine on vSphere/ESX

VMware Oracle Support provides customers the following new advantages as part of the existing Support and Subscription contract at no additional charge:

  • Access to a team of Oracle DBA resources within VMware Support to troubleshoot related to Oracle Databases used as a data store or run within a VM
  • Performance tuning and best practices related to Oracle Database used as a data store or run within a VM
  • Faster resolution of technical issues in VMware environments via a TSANet collaborative support arrangement between VMware Support and Oracle Support