The Problem Category is used to route your service request. Accurately defining the Problem Category of your issue ensures a correct routing and a timely response to your problem.

  • All feature Requests – All feature requests
  • Fault – PSOD (purple screen of death), host crash, crashes across multiple VMs on individual VMware ESX host (BSOD or OOPS), monitor crash, host hangs, host performance issues, memory leaks
  • Installation – Pre-installation, installation, upgrade of VMware ESX and VirtualCenter, patch installation/management, hardware compatibility and installation, Update Manager
  • Licensing – Activation codes, license redemption, FlexLM services, host licensing, license configuration
  • Network – Network I/O Performance, firewall, security, NFS, iSCSI (cannot ping and/or vmkping target), loss of connectivity, vSwitch config, portgroup config, service console TCP/IP (vswif config), VMkernel TCP/IP (vmknic config), tagged and untagged VLAN config, NIC teaming config/policies, physical NIC issues, physical switch config. NIC driver issues (tg3, e1000 etc), STP, DNS and routing issues, MAC address issues, MS NLB configuration, VM Network connectivity issues
  • OS – guest (VM) creation/administration, guest (VM) performance (not VMware ESX), crash on a single VM/guest OS – OOPS/BSOD/kernel panic, third party applications, installing/troubleshooting VMware tools, SpringSource and vFabric products
  • Storage – SAN, HBA issues, VCB (consolidated backup, vcbmounter, etc), iSCSI (where host is reachable through the network), VMFS, redo files, snapshots, Ext3, RDM, storage performance issues, volume resignaturing, data loss, missing partition tables
  • System Management – VMware VirtualCenter problems, mui, remote console, virtual center performance, HA, DRS, server management agents (HPIM, IBM Director, Dell OM, etc), VMware VMotion, Web access, SQL/Oracle problems (for VC backend), cloning/templates, MSCS clustering, security, LDAP/ AD authentication