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Note: The documentation on this page refers to products that have reached end of support according to the VMware Lifecylce Product Matrix. These documents are no longer actively maintained.  For  the most recent documentation about ESX 3.0.3 or ESX 3.0.2 and VirtualCenter 2.0.2 , or  ESX 3.0.1 and VirtualCenter 2.0.1, see  VMware Infrastructure 3 Documentation. For the most recent documentation regarding VMware Server, see VMware Server Documentation.

VMware GSX Server 3.2.1

12/20/05 | Build 19281

GSX Server 3.2.1 Release Notes (HTML)
GSX Server 3.2.1 Administration Guide ( PDF | 3.2 日本語 PDF)
GSX Server 3.2.1 Virtual Machine Guide (PDF | 3.2 日本語 PDF)
Guest Operating System Installation Guide (HTML | PDF | 日本語 PDF)
VMware APIs and SDKs Documentation (HTML)

VMware GSX Server 2.5

4/15/04 | Build 7881

GSX Server 2.5.2 Release Notes (HTML)
GSX Server 2.5.2 User's Manual (PDF)
VMware APIs and SDKs Documentation (HTML)
Virtual Machine Mobility Planning Guide (PDF | 日本語 PDF)