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vFabric tc Server 2.9 and Spring Insight 1.9

Product Download
2.9.8 released 16 OCT 2014
2.9.7 released 30 JUL 2014
2.9.6 released 06 May 2014
2.9.5 released 18 February 2014
2.9.4 released 19 November 2013
2.9.3 released 06 August 2013
2.9.2 released 21 May 2013
2.9.1 released 24 April 2013
vFabric tc Server 2.9 Documentation
vFabric tc Server 2.9 Release Notes
Supported Configurations and System Requirements html pdf
Getting Started with vFabric tc Server html pdf
    Installing vFabric tc Server html  
    Upgrade and Migration html  
    Tutorial: Very Simple HelloWorld Application html  
    Troubleshooting vFabric tc Server html  
    Security Information html  
vFabric tc Server Administration html pdf
tc Runtime Known Vulnerabilities and Issues
Spring Insight 1.9 Documentation
Supported Configurations and System Requirements html
Spring Insight Operations html pdf
Spring Insight Developer html pdf
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