VMware vSphere 4.0
VMware ESX 4.0 and VMware vCenter Server 4.0

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VMware vSphere 4.0 offers three server versions — ESX, ESXi Installable, and ESXi Embedded. The documents on this page cover ESX and vCenter Server. There are separate documentation pages for the ESXi Installable / vCenter Server and ESXi Embedded / vCenter Server combinations.

Deutsch, 简体中文, and 日本語 sites offer localized documentation for Release Notes and the main documentation set as available.

New Features and Release Notes

             What's New in VMware vSphere 4.0
             VMware vSphere 4.0 Release Notes — ESX Edition

Hardware and Software Compatibility Information

             Hardware, Host Operating System, and Guest Operating System Compatibility Guides
             VMware Product Interoperability Matrix
             Configuration Maximums for VMware vSphere 4.0 (Updated 4/27/2012)
             VMware vSphere Compatibility Matrixes (deprecated as of 10/26/2011)

System Administrator Documentation

Read the documentation below to learn about installing, configuring, and using vSphere products.

   Main Documentation Set

    Published on 5/21/09 for ESX 4.0 Build 164009 and vCenter Server 4.0 Build 162902

     •    View a Documentation Roadmap to learn about using the main documentation set

     •    Search an HTML library of all books in the main documentation set for the information you need

     •    Download PDF versions of all books in the main documentation set

     •    Read individual books in the set:

              Introduction to VMware vSphere
              Getting Started with ESX (Updated 01/27/2012)

              ESX and vCenter Server Installation Guide (Updated 01/27/2012)
              Upgrade Guide (Updated 09/30/2011)
              Basic System Administration (Updated 01/27/2012)
              vSphere Web Access Administrator's Guide (Updated 7/06/2009)
              ESX Configuration Guide (Updated 4/27/2012)
              Resource Management Guide (Updated 09/30/2011)
              Availability Guide (Updated 02/10/2011)
              Fibre Channel SAN Configuration Guide (Updated 4/27/2012)
              iSCSI SAN Configuration Guide (Updated 4/27/2012)

   Additional Resources

              Setup for Failover Clustering and Microsoft Cluster Service (Updated 9/30/2010)
              vSphere Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide
              Legacy Host Licensing with vCenter Server 4.x
              VMware vCenter Server 4.x Database Sizing Calculator for Microsoft SQL Server(.xls)
              VMware vCenter Server 4.x Database Sizing Calculator for Oracle(.xls)
              ESX 4 Patch Management Guide (Updated 2/17/2010)
              SAN System Design and Deployment Guide
              Guest Operating System Installation Guide  (HTML)

Optional vSphere Products and Modules

              VMware vCenter Update Manager Documentation page
              VMware vCenter Converter Documentation page
              VMware vCenter Orchestrator Documentation page
              VMware Consolidated Backup Documentation page

For Automators and Customizers

              vSphere Automation & Customization Resources page

For Developers

              vSphere SDK & API Developer Resources page