SDK Support Policy

VMware Global Support Services offers help to customers wishing to make use of the Software Development Kits (SDKs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Command Line Interface (CLI) administration tools we ship as part of VMware vSphere, VMware NSX for vSphere and some related products. The level of support purchased determines the level of help a customer can expect to receive from VMware Global Support Services.

  • VMware Basic Support and Production Support entitle customers to installation-only support and Defect Reporting for VMware product SDKs and CLI tools.
  • VMware SDK/API Policy entitles customers to best practice guidance and troubleshooting of customer sample code utilizing VMware product SDKs, APIs, and CLI tools.

VMware Global Support Services does not offer help with writing or debugging complete custom programs. Customers wishing to get help developing complete custom programs should use the appropriate product in the VMware Discussion Forums or engage VMware Professional Services.


API Support Policy

We provide support for the methods and properties provided with the scripting APIs. However, our support does not include assistance in writing scripts and we do not offer general script debugging help. Support from your peers can be found using VMware’s Community forums for developers.

When asking for support, please be prepared to provide information on your attempts to debug and isolate the problem. For example, we may ask you to provide a simple test case that demonstrates the problem, or ask you to replicate the problem outside of your application. If we cannot diagnose a problem with the APIs, we may be limited to providing suggestions on how you can debug the application code. We may also suggest use of our Consulting Services to help you locate and fix the problem. We do not support APIs written by third party vendors.