Beta Support Overview

VMware offers self-help and web-based support for Beta users during the term of the Beta period. Customers with proper Beta Support Entitlement will be able to submit service requests online. You will receive an auto-acknowledgement of your service request. No Beta service requests will be accepted by phone. Because we don't expect Beta releases to be implemented in a production environment, and due to the volume of requests received, we cannot commit a response to each and every Beta service request. All Beta service requests are considered closed at the end of the Beta period.

Bug-Related Support Requests

We will forward the bug information onto our development team for assessment. Depending on the timing and severity of the issue, it may or may not be corrected before the production version is released. At the end of the Beta period, though the associated service request will be closed, any open bugs will be tracked and assessed as appropriate.

Submit an Online Support Request.

Feature Requests

Feature requests for the Beta release can also be submitted by opening a service request online. We will forward your feature request onto the appropriate development team for assessment. Unless additional information is needed, you will not receive a personal response. Any suggestion for enhancements to VMware software that you submit becomes the property of VMware and we may use this information for any VMware business purposes without restriction.