Priority Access to Senior-Level Engineers with Healthcare Industry Knowledge

At a Glance


VMware Healthcare Critical Support is offered as a supplement to the VMware Production Support and Subscription Service. Healthcare Critical Support is designed for customers who need access to senior-level support staff to keep their virtual infrastructures up and running 24x7. You will receive a designated support contact with healthcare industry knowledge who will work with you to


  • Provide support request escalation and management
  • Facilitate recurring team meetings, status updates and progress reports
  • Design a customized support plan to help ensure quick escalation and resource allocation
  • Document and communicate environment knowledge to VMware technical staff to expedite troubleshooting efforts
  • Coordinate multivendor troubleshooting efforts


Key Benefits


  • Priority access to senior-level technical support engineers provides expert assistance and speeds issue resolution
  • Aggressive target response times help minimize downtime
  • Global, 24x7 support for Severity 1 issues provides around-the-clock help
  • Additional business-hours weekend coverage is available for Severity 2 issues
  • Up to 10 contacts can submit unlimited support requests
  • Onsite engagement services are included
  • Root cause analysis for Severity 1 issues
  • Proactive account management helps streamline escalations and coordinate third-party relationships
Feature Healthcare Critical Support

Hours of Operation


Length of Service

One-year and multiyear engagements are available

Product Updates

Included with required Production Support and Subscription Service

Product Upgrades

Included with required Production Support and Subscription Service

Products Supported

Support by Product Matrix

Method of Access

Telephone, Web or Mobile App

Response Method

Telephone or email

Remote Support


Onsite Services


Access to VMware Discussion Forums and Knowledge Base


Maximum Number of Technical Contacts per Contract

10 named contacts per support region

Number of Support Requests


Root Cause Analysis


Healthcare Industry Knowledge


Target Response Times
• Critical (Severity 1)
• Major (Severity 2)
• Minor (Severity 3)
• Cosmetic (Severity 4)


• 30 minutes or less; 24x7
• 2 business hours; 12x7
• 4 business hours; 12x5 (M–F)
• 8 business hours; 12x5 (M–F)



Additional Information


Purchase information can be found by dialing one of VMware's toll free numbers and choosing the Sales Option or contacting one of our resellers. Additional information about our support policies and offerings can be found in our Technical Support Welcome Guide.


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