Streamlined Application and Script Development

Take advantage of expert assistance to guide your development process, including sanity checks, best practice recommendations, and work-around suggestions.

The VMware SDK and API support offering provides access to VMware Application Programming Interface (API) expert engineers to get your solutions to market quickly. These professionals have years of experience working with third-party solutions, and possess in-depth knowledge of VMware APIs. This program is ideal for Independent Software/Hardware Vendors (ISVs/IHVs), commercial and enterprise organizations building solutions for managing VMware environments.

VMware SDK and API Support is available in two service level agreements: Standard support provides a response within two business days, and Premium support provides a response within one business day. SDK Support engineers won't write or test your code, but they may suggest sample code for a possible solution.

SDK Support will help you answer questions such as the following:

  • Can I do this task with an SDK?
  • How do I do it?
  • I tried it, and it's not working. Did I do it correctly?
  • It doesn't perform like it is supposed to. Is this a bug?
  • Why are my scripts not working in the new release of vSphere?

Need more specifics? Learn more about the scope of the SDK Support Program.

Who Should Consider Purchasing This Program?

  • Organizations that are customizing and leveraging VMware APIs to manage large environments.
  • Developers and administrators building management solutions using the VMware API, SDKs, and Command Line Interfaces for products supported with this offering.

Customer Testimonials

"Our products and solutions manage some of North America's largest data farms, and we rely on VMware APIs and VMware SDK Support to help us manage and reduce complexity. Recently, we were running into performance issues when polling our infrastructure. The Developer Support team quickly made some recommendations, and the changes we made as a result helped improved our code performance by more than 30%."


- Mike Giles, Sr. Software Engineer, Netiq

"The VMware SDK Support Program helped us by providing sanity checks and workarounds throughout our VMware vSphere API solution development process. The VMware team is extremely professional, they understand my needs and they have in-depth working knowledge of the vSphere APIs."


- Luc Dekens, Systems Engineer and vExpert


SDK and API Support
Hours of Operation 12x5
Length of Service 1 Year Only
Product Updates No
Product Upgrades No
Products Supported Support by Product Matrix
Method of Access Standard Support: Web
Premium Support: Web/Call Back By Appointment
Response Method Standard Support: Email
Premium Support: Email/Call Back By Appointment
Remote Support Yes
Max Number of Technical Contacts per Contract 1 Person Per Contract
Number of Support Requests Unlimited for a 12-Month Period

Target Response Times



2 Business Days (48 Business Hours); Email
1 Business Day (24 Business Hours); Email/Call Back By Appointment

Access to VMware Discussion Forums Yes
Access to Knowledge Base Yes
Business Days Monday - Friday

Definition of Terms  

Design advice Guidance in the choice of approach and selection of supported methods that best meet the goals of your use case.
Performance tuning advice Guidance in the best practices around using supported APIs to achieve better performance.
Code snippet review and advice Guidance based on review of standalone code snippets for the purpose of insuring proper use of supported APIs.
Problem diagnosis Assistance with isolating a reported problem for the purposes of determining if the issue is with customer code or the supported API.
Bug reports Interacting with Engineering to find resolution for a problem discovered with a supported API.
Supported API Any publicly documented API or method that is not denoted as experimental or deprecated.

Program Scope

The VMware SDK and API support offering provides an administrator or developer with VMware best practices for deploying supported SDK products in Automation and Integration scenarios.

We support

Design Advice

Performance tuning advice

Code snippet review and advice

Problem diagnosis

Bugs report

We Don't Support

Production issues with customer code

End-to-end debugging of customer code

Development of customer code

Third party products used during development (e.g. IDE)


 Please refer to the SDK section in the Products Supported list.

Yes, normal discounts will apply.

No, PSO credits can only be used to pay for VMware Consulting or Education Services.

Contact your VMware Sales representative.


Additional Information

Purchase information can be found by calling VMware and choosing the Sales Option. Learn more about VMware Support Policies and Support offerings. The SDK and API support program is governed.