VMware Software Manager - Download Service 1.0 Release Notes

VMware Software Manager 1.0 | 12 March 2015 | Build 2548938

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

VMware Software Manager - Download Service is a tool for managing downloads of VMware suite products. The tool allows you to browse and download software, monitor the progress of downloads, and locate your downloaded software in an organized folder structure.

At the time of release, Download Service makes available only a portion of VMware suite releases. Currently available releases include:

  • VMware vCloud Suite® 5.8 and 5.5
  • VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ 5.5
  • VMware vSphere® 5.5 and 5.1

Additional suites and suite versions will be released in the future and will dynamically show up in Download Service.

Before You Begin

Review the system requirements in the VMware Software Manager - Download Service User's Guide.

VMware Software Manager - Download Service runs in U.S. English only. It can be installed on operating systems running in other languages, but the application itself can only be used in English.

Downloading and Installing Download Service

To download:

  1. Go to http://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads and locate the download page for VMware Software Manager - Download Service.
  2. Download the file VMware-Software-Manager-Download-Service- to your system.
  3. Double-click VMware-Software-Manager-Download-Service- to launch the installer.
  4. Follow the installation instructions in the VMware Software Manager - Download Service User's Guide documentation.

VMware Software Manager Community

Support for VMware Software Manager is community-based. Use the VMware Software Manager - Download Service Community to provide feedback and request assistance with any problems you encounter while using Download Service.

View the VMware Software Manager - Download Service Discussion Forum at VMware Software Manager - Download Service.

Log files can assist in troubleshooting and resolving errors. To gather log files for Download Service:

  1. Log in to the Windows system on which Download Service is installed.
  2. Select Start > Command Prompt.
  3. Type cd C:\Program Files\VMware\Software Manager\Download Service.
  4. Type download-service-support.bat -w directory where directory is the location where you want to store the log bundle.

The log bundle is collected in a .tgz file named download-service-support-hostname-date.tgz.

Known Issues

  • Download Service is blocked by Internet Explorer security configuration
    Depending on your Internet Explorer security settings, when you launch Download Service in Internet Explorer, you might see a message saying that the content is blocked by the security configuration.

    Workaround: Add the URL for the Download Service user interface to the Trusted sites security zone in Internet Explorer:

    1. In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options.
    2. Click the Security tab.
    3. Select the Trusted Sites security zone.
    4. Click Sites.
    5. In the Add this website to the zone text box, type and click Add.
    6. Click Close.

  • Unable to open download folder
    The error "Unable to open download folder" might appear when you do either of the following

    • Click the Open Folder icon on a card or card stack for software that has completed downloading.
    • Click Open Downloaded Software Folder on the Downloads page.

    Workaround: You might be able to open the download folder by navigating to it in Windows Explorer. The default download folder is C:\depot\. It can be changed during installation or from the Download Service icon in the taskbar.

    After navigating to the download folder, locate your software by doing one of the following:

    • Click the shortcut folder corresponding to a specific piece of software.
    • Double-click the folder for the software category (for example, "Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure") and navigate through the subfolders corresponding to the product family, product version, and edition.

    If the folder has has been moved or deleted, clear the download history for the relevant product and, if necessary, re-download the software.

  • Timeout error when connecting to My VMware
    VMware Software Manager - Download Service might fail to connect to the depot hosted on vmware.com and display the message, "Remote depot HTTP Request Timed Out".

    Workaround: The problem is intermittent. Dismiss the error message and try connecting again. If the problem persists, submit a problem report via the discussion board on the community.

  • New products added to the VMware software depot do not appear in Download Service
    When a new product is added to the software depot, Download Service might not detect the new product immediately and make it available for download. This issue is more likely to occur when a download is in progress.

    Workaround: To force Download Service to immediately re-read its locally synced data, refresh the browser window.

  • Downloaded software folder does not appear in the foreground
    When you click the open folder icon or the Open Downloaded Software Folder button, the folder might open in the background, depending on the precedence of other open windows.

    Workaround: Click Windows Explorer in the Windows taskbar and select the folder to bring it to the foreground.

  • Multiple Download Service icons appear in the Windows taskbar
    If you stop Download Service by ending the vsm_download_service.exe processes in Task Manager, the Download Service icon remains in the Windows taskbar. If you then restart Download Service, two icons appear in the taskbar.

    Workaround: Mouse over the extra icon to make it disappear. To prevent this issue from occurring, quit Download Service by right-clicking the icon in the Windows taskbar and selecting Quit, rather than using Task Manager.

  • Download Service indicates that it is shut down when it is still running
    Download Service might show the following notification while it is still running: "Download Service has shut down. Restart Download Service and then click Reconnect".

    Workaround: If the Download Service icon is still visible in the Windows taskbar, click Reconnect. If the error reappears, verify that Download Service is still active by right-clicking the Download Service icon in the taskbar and confirming that the popup menus still appear.

    If the taskbar icon is not visible or if it disappears when you mouse over it, select Start > VMware > Download Service. Download Service will restart and open a new browser window or tab. You can safely close the original window or tab with the notification.

  • Checksum verification fails for downloaded software
    After a download is completed, Download Service might report the following error: "The downloader was not able to verify the SHA1 checksum after downloading the file filename." This error sometimes occurs when Download Service calculates the SHA1 checksum of a file before it has finished downloading.

    Workaround: Repeat the download. If the checksum verification fails repeatedly, post to the Download Service community for support.

  • Download Service cannot recognize a download folder path with non-ASCII characters
    On English language Windows systems, Download Service cannot recognize the download folder path if it was specified in the installer using non-ASCII characters. On localized Windows systems, including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Korean systems, non-ASCII characters in the download folder path are supported.

    Workaround: To use a depot location with non-ASCII characters in the path, change the location after installation. Right-click the Download Service icon in the Windows taskbar and select Settings > Set Download Location.

  • Downloading fails when the full path name of the download folder exceeds 176 characters
    If the path name of the download folder exceeds 176 characters, the download fails with the error, "The downloader encountered a disk error while downloading the file filename. Review the operating system log files to determine the cause of the disk error."

    Workaround: Use a download folder path of less than 176 characters.

  • Loss of network connectivity while downloading a suite or suites
    If Download Service loses connectivity to My VMware while downloading a suite, it automatically tries to reestablish the connection. If Download Service is still unable to reconnect after 30 minutes of retrying, the suite being downloaded is marked as failed and the download stops.

    Workaround: Resume the failed download by clicking the download icon. Download Service will detect which release files have been downloaded previously, verify their checksums, and not download those files. Download Service will then continue downloading the release files that were not downloaded due to loss of network connectivity.

  • Download Service stops responding after debugging information settings are changed
    When you right-click the Download Service icon in the Windows taskbar and select or deselect Settings > Enable Debugging Information, Download Service stops responding and displays the error message: "Download Service has shut down. Restart Download Service and click Reconnect".

    Workaround: Restart Download Service by doing the following:

    1. Right-click the Download Service icon in the Windows taskbar and select Quit.
    2. Select Start > All Programs > VMware > Download Service to restart Download Service.

    Download Service restarts with the new setting you had selected for debugging information in effect.