Portal Overview

Use the OEM Redemption Portal to receive your VMware OEM licenses. You should use this portal if:

  • You bought a VMware license with your server hardware and received a printed, mailed, or emailed Partner Activation Code (PAC).
  • You purchased a server with VMware ESXi embedded in the hardware and need to redeem the serial number for your subscription or to activate additional VMware Infrastructure products.

(Note: VMware vSphere Hypervisor [ESXi] without Support and Subscription does not require registration or activation.)


Redeeming Your PACs:

  • Navigate to your OEM-specific portal
  • Log in using your existing username and password (or create a profile if you do not have one).
  • Enter your PACs and/or Serial Numbers for redemption.
  • Select the Account for the Order/Contract that you wish to use for this purchase or create a new account.
  • Visit the My VMware site to manage your licenses.
  • For VMware vSphere, you can enter the 25-digital alphanumeric serial number you received as a result of your redemption directly in the product through VMware vCenter. Visit the My VMware portal to divide or combine VMware vSphere licenses.


Locating your PAC or Serial Number

  • Your PAC is provided by your OEM and is typically printed on a card or activation code certificate, which is either enclosed in the server carton box or mailed to you separately by your OEM. Some OEMs provide you with an electronic retrieval portal. PACs are usually a 25-digit alphanumeric number divided into five groups of five characters separated by hyphens.
  • Your VMware ESXi serial number is either printed on a card which is enclosed with your server or pre-installed into your product. It is a 25-digit alphanumeric code divided into five groups of five characters separated by hyphens. You can view pre-installed serial numbers through the VI Client (see the “ESXi Configuration Guide” for more details).


Locating your OEM-specific portal


Visit the Cisco Licensing Portal to manage your Cisco Nexus 1000V licenses and Product Activation Key (PAK).


Giving other users access to the License Keys

  • The Super User, Procurement Contact, or anyone with “Manage Folders & User Permissions” permission can give general users access to the registered license keys by adding them to the folder in which the license key is contained.
  • Changing permissions for a user on a folder can restrict the capabilities that the user has with the license. E.g. Upgrade, Downgrade.


Definition of Terms

Partner Activation Code (PAC): A printed code delivered from your OEM reseller that entitles you to VMware licenses. Use this PAC to generate licenses for your VMware products.

Serial Number: A license code embedded within ESXi that enables single server partitioning.

VMware ESXi: A version of VMware's market leading hypervisor that can be embedded in server hardware. It can be licensed several ways:

  1. Serial number that enables single server partitioning
  2. Host-based license file that resides locally on the server
  3. Served license centrally managed by a License Server

Please see the Licensing chapter in the Administration Guide for more details.

A Super User is the user who has been given privileges to manage entitlements and users on behalf of a specific account.

A Procurement Contact is primary contact for the account, on behalf of the customer organization, for ordering, renewing, and quoting transactions. Although their primary responsibilities can be procurement tasks, the Procurement Contact will also be able to manage entitlements and users on behalf of a specific account.

Upgrade: The purchase of additional functionality for a VMware License Key. This will require the exchange and replacement of the old (base) License Keys.

OEM Redemption Portal: A VMware portal that allows you to redeem the Partner Activation Codes you purchased from a VMware OEM. Redemption of Partner Activation Codes results in delivery of your License Keys.


Please refer to the attached PDF document for more details.

Your PAC code is provided by your OEM and is printed on a card or activation code certificate which is either enclosed in the server carton box or mailed to you separately. See "Locating your PAC or Serial Number" above for more information.

Contact the customer support department for the OEM you purchased it from. They will work with you to replace your activation codes.

Contact VMware Support for assistance.

You can find old/previous edition license codes by logging into the My VMware site. You can also access any previously registered serial numbers on the view license page in the My VMware site. If you can’t find it or need further assistance contact VMware Support.