Get value from your current VMware licenses for the purchase of VMware EVO SDDC licenses. Through VMware’s Fair Value Conversion Program, you can upgrade existing licenses to EVO SDDC by “converting” your existing licenses for VMware vSphere and other eligible products such as VMware vRealize Operations and VMware vSAN.

VMware’s Fair Value Conversion Program is available to most VMware customers, including customers with custom agreements. It provides a discount of up to 100%* of EVO SDDC license purchases by upgrading, or "converting," your existing VMware licenses. A conversion is the process by which you upgrade multiple licenses to a EVO SDDC license.

The upgrade price is calculated based on the difference between the list price for EVO SDDC licenses being purchased and the conversion value of your qualifying licenses. The conversion value for qualifying licenses is approximately 90% of current license list price of qualifying products.

This program can only be used to upgrade both vSphere and VMware Management or other eligible product licenses. If you want to upgrade from only VMware vSphere to a higher product edition, upgrade SKUs can be purchased through an authorized VMware reseller.

Product eligibility is based on the Product Eligibility Matrix (see "Product Eligibility" Tab). To qualify for the program, you must be current on Support and Subscription (SnS) for any qualifying products. You must also purchase a minimum 2 month SnS contract of EVO SDDC, and the value of any unused SnS for existing products will be preserved through an SnS extension.**

Only Entitlement Account (EA) Super Users can purchase through the program.

VMware Fair Value Conversion Program is based on current list prices. No discounts or rebates are offered. Initially the program is only available for customers transacting directly with VMware. For more information or to initiate a conversion request, you can create a Licensing Service Request. When you submit your request, please Choose "Fair Value Conversion" from the drop-down Provide Country & Currency of the country. Alternatively call 877-4VMWARE and choose Licensing Support (You can visit the VMware Support Phone Numbers to find international phone numbers)

*100% is the maximum discount allowed under the program. Actual discount depends on the conversion value of the licenses being converted.

** Customers with contractual agreements with VMware may be exempt from this requirement.

Fair Value Conversion Eligibility Matrix

“From” Product “To” Product
VMware vSphere – Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus Yes No
VMware vSphere with Operations Management Standard Yes No
VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Yes No
VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus Yes No
vSphere – Essentials, Essentials Plus, Remote Office Back Office (ROBO) No No
vRealize Operations Standard Yes No
vRealize Operations Advanced Yes No
vRealize Operations Enterprise No No
vRealize Automation Advanced No No
vRealize Automation Enterprise No No
Site Recovery Manager – Standard, Enterprise No No
vSAN Yes No
NSX Yes No
Horizon View – Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise No Yes

Product list is not exhaustive and additional products may also be eligible.

Program Terms & Conditions

  • Conversion must include at least one vSphere license AND at least one product that performs one of constituent features of the destination product (see Fair Value Conversion Eligibility Matrix). This requirement does not apply in case of EVO SDDC Add-On products.
  • The conversion value will equal to approximately 90% of the current license list price
  • An active SnS contract is required for all products used for the conversion
  • Conversion Value can be up to 100% of the total Current License List Price of “To” product.
  • The number of vSphere (per processor) or vCloud Suite (per processor) licenses (“From” product) must equal the number of EVO (per processor) licenses (“To” product) purchased as part of the conversion. This requirement does not apply in case of EVO SDDC Add-On products.
  • A single conversion can include multiple vSphere or constituent feature product editions (“From” products).
  • A minimum two (2) month SnS contract must be purchased as part of conversion. Customers with contractual agreements with VMware may be exempt from this requirement. All product SKUs used for conversion must have the same category (i.e., Commercial, U.S. Federal, Academic) as the “To” product purchased as part of the conversion. The conversion and purchase must be simultaneous. A conversion cannot be used for a credit towards a future purchase.
  • The existing licenses used for the conversion will be inactivated. They will no longer appear on the My VMware license portal and become inactive.