VMware ThinApp 4 Release Notes

ThinApp 4.0.1 | 08 DEC 2008 | Build 2866

Last Document Update: 25 MAR 2009

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These release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

The following features have been added for this release:

  • The thinreg.exe utility has been enhanced, facilitating file type association. It also includes support for DDE, extra verbs, and MIME type registration.
  • Enhanced support for double-byte applications and double-byte locales.
  • Enhanced support for 16-bit MSDOS programs.
  • Support for control panel extensions. Some applications, such as QuickTime or the mail applet for Microsoft Outlook 2007, have control panel extensions that you can now see in a ThinApp environment.
  • Ability to register files other than .exe files. For example, if you install an application that installed a README file or has another link to documentation, you can access those files.
  • Protocol registration. If an application invokes SMTP or HTTP, ThinApp starts any virtual applications that can handle the tasks. If ThinApp cannot locate virtual applications, ThinApp invokes native applications to handle the tasks.
  • ThinApp includes the RequiredAppLinks parameter in the Package.ini file. Previously, the user had to manually add this parameter.
  • ThinApp makes the MSI build template accessible to users to customize the MSI database.
  • User documentation has been restructured to start with basic functionality targeted at the novice user, building towards advanced functionality regarding deployment and customizations.
  • Log Monitor now supports the ability to pause and resume trace file capture.
  • Application link now supports multi-level links, such that application A links to application B, which links to application C, and so on.
  • Special entry points cmd, regedit and iexplore are marked with an asterisk (*) to denote these are not virtual applications. Rather, they load respective native EXEs in virtual environment.
  • Isolation mode can now be specified at the root of registry (for example, for HKCU, HKLM).
  • Stub executables changed to improve security and interaction with roaming profiles and system-installed applications.
  • Support for creating MSI distribution larger than 2GB (requires separate CAB file to be distributed).
  • Support for creation of compressed trace files.
  • Support for running ThinApp application on GoGlobal platform.
  • Support packaging application wrapped with the "Shrinker" packer.


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Resolved Issues

The following bugs were fixed for this release:

  • Fixed a known issue for ThinApp 4.0 in which documents would always be opened in a new copy of the application when using a virtual package and ThinReg even if there was an already running copy of the application.
  • Fixed a problem in which the script API function "Exit Process" did not work correctly, leaving the EXE running in task manager.
  • Fixed a problem in which snapshot.exe would fail after an extended period if the operating system was 64-bit Windows Vista Business edition SP1.
  • Fixed an issue in which the icon name still displayed an older version of an application after the installer was updated to a different version.
  • Fixed an issue in which MS Access closed immediately after start.
  • Fixed an issue in which graphical objects in ERwin Data Modeler r7 were not correctly updated.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented STMath from starting.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Crystal Reports from running on Vista.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Autocad 2006 plug-in Retailfocus to load.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed child processes be created with static path to allow whitelist apps for firewall.
  • Fixed an issue to allow Log Monitor to open large (2+GB) files.
  • Fixed an issue in which the MSDE (SQL Server 2005) main front-end application complained there was no SQL Service process.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented SnagIt 9 from starting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an Internet Explorer 7 first launch to fail to find URL.
  • Fixed an issue with WinBatch application to allow special characters (for example, #) in registry key to be correctly captured.
  • Fixed an issue in which the build process will hang on Office 2007's file ODSERV.EXE if using compression and Application Sync.
  • Fixed an issue in which enabling Application Sync caused Office 2007 (Word) to generate installer and normal.dotm errors on launch.
  • Fixed an issue in which Mobius application captured by ThinApp (used typically with SAP environments) failed to run.
  • Fixed an issue in which ThinApp-captured Winzip at startup incorrectly showed "Add to Archive" UI.
  • Fixed a problem in which the Serena Change Manager 8.12 process started but stopped before the GUI launched.
  • Fixed a problem in which Autocad 2005 LT failed to run, displaying an unhandled access violation error.
  • Fixed an issue in which ThinApp-captured NXClient failed.
  • Fixed an issue in which animated cursors, used especially in games, failed to load.
  • Fixed an issue in which using Application Sync to upgrade Adobe Reader 6 to Adobe Reader 7 made it appear that the application did not upgrade correctly if the previous version of the virtual application was running.
  • Fixed a problem in which Application Sync could corrupt a client application if the application was modified twice on the server while being updated on the client.
  • The user documentation now includes examples of the correct way of quoting the absolute path to the sbmerge command.
  • Fixed a problem in which the wrong icon for an application would be displayed in Add or Remove Programs.
  • Fixed an issue in which Log Monitor displayed "??????????" for module names.
  • Fixed an issue with running multiple copies of Office 97.
  • Fixed an issue in which applications might not run on Terminal Server in execute mode if Fonts shell folder path is not specified.
  • Fixed an issue in which winhlp32.exe is not launched on Terminal Server.
  • Fixed an issue with Need for Speed ProStreet.

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Known Issues

The following are known issues for this release:

  • Updated: Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional cannot create a PDF file from a Word or Excel document.
  • Unregistering a package that was registered with the thinreg.exe utility in build 2837 might cause preexisting file type associations to fail. This issue affects users who install an application, such as Microsoft Office 2003, in the native environment, and either use the thinreg.exe /a option to register a different version of the application or use an MSI file to install a different version of the application. These circumstances block the ability to start the native application.

    For information about resolving this issue using build 2866, see the VMware knowledge base article 1007970.
  • Unregistering a package that was registered using /a does not work unless you use /u /a instead of /u by itself. For instance, using thinreg.exe /u "c:\2k7\bin\*.exe" fails to unregister such a package, but using thinreg.exe /u /a "c:\2k7\bin\*.exe" is successful.
  • Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 do not work on Vista.
  • Windows and Google Search do not work with ThinApp-captured Outlook.
  • Using Office 2003 Excel files in Office 2007 compatibility mode causes an error.
  • On a Windows Vista virtual machine, launching Internet Explorer 7 fails if plug ins are accessed from a network share location.
  • The executables cmd.exe, regedit.exe, and iexplore.exe are special entry points. They are links to existing applications on a target operating system and might fail to run when moved to another operating system version.
  • For backward compatibility reasons, "Thinstall" appears in the user's profile and as the folder in which the sandbox is created.
  • Packaging an application on hard drives with a very small amount of free space can cause issues during the packaging process.
  • When you use the SandboxPath Package.ini option, ThinApp does not place the sandbox contents into a separate folder identified by the sandbox name. To work around this problem, add the SandBoxName to the SandboxPath setting: instead of "SandboxPath=." use "SandboxPath=.\<sandboxname>"

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