VMware ThinApp 4.6 Release Notes

ThinApp 4.6 | 19 Aug 2010 | Build 287958

Last Document Update: 19 Aug 2010

These release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

The ThinApp 4.6 release adds the following features to improve usability, performance, and updates:

  • ThinApp Converter transparently captures installation content, generates ThinApp projects, and builds the projects into ThinApp packages. This process is fully automated, from when ThinApp Converter starts to run until the ThinApp package is built.
  • ThinApp can capture Internet Explorer 6 and many of its plug-ins on a Windows XP machine. Used in conjunction with the ThinApp ThinDirect plug-in, installed on a user's native browser, Web sites, or specific pages can be redirected to automatically open in a virtual Internet Explorer 6 browser. In addition, an application that requires Internet Explorer 6 can be packaged with Internet Explorer 6, so that the application runs automatically on the virtual Internet Explorer 6.
  • ThinApp ThinReg application enables a virtual service to be installed as a physical service, so that it starts when the physical machine is started. Any user can start and stop the service.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is supported for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) machines.
  • ThinApp Management SDK enables package inspection and control of package registration, streaming, and updates. The ThinApp Management SDK has been publicly released and is available as a download.
  • AppLink supports wildcard characters for directory files and for filenames, enabling recursive dependency collections.

For additional information about ThinApp 4.6, visit the following Web sites:

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Prior Releases of VMware ThinApp 4.0

Features from prior releases of VMware ThinApp 4.0 are described in the release notes for each release. To view release notes for prior releases, click one of the following links:

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Before You Begin

See the ThinApp User's Guide for installation requirements. Verify that the Windows operating systems have the latest security patches.

Resolved Issues

The ThinApp 4.6 release resolves these issues:

  • If you restart the system after completing the prescan operation of the capture process, restart the Setup Capture wizard, and cancel the wizard in the confirmation dialog box, you cannot restart the wizard at a later time without responding to the confirmation dialog box again to continue with the existing capture process or start a new capture process.
    To prevent the loop of confirmation dialog boxes, select a new capture process rather than the current capture process and cancel the wizard.
  • If you do not select the primary data container during the capture process, or you use characters such as pound signs (#), question marks (?), or forward slashes (/) in the primary data container name, the build process fails to generate the virtualized executable files.
  • When you capture Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise in C:\ThinAppProgramFiles instead of a standard location, the package generates an error on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.
    To prevent the error when you deploy the package on 64-bit operation systems, the path must adhere to the 8.3 filename convention. You can install the application in C:\OFFICE.
  • When you run Log Monitor with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7, Log Monitor might affect the performance of Internet Explorer or cause the application to fail.
  • When you try to create a company in Intuit QuickBooks, the application fails.
  • Apache Tomcat fails to shut down on Windows 7.
  • The instant search feature of Microsoft Outlook does not work on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 7.
  • The vSphere Client 4.0 cannot connect to ESX hosts version 3.5 or 4.1 unless the connection exists before the postscan capture process.
  • Microsoft Word 2003 stops responding when you open and close the Microsoft Equation Editor.
    The Equation Editor feature creates a COM object. When you close the Equation Editor, the Winword.exe utility tries to free the object and causes the Equation Editor to fail.
    To prevent this failure, deselect the Equation Editor option during the Microsoft Office 2003 installation.
  • Windows and Google search do not work with virtual Microsoft Outlook.
  • Using Microsoft Office 2003 Excel files in Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility mode generates an error.

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Known Issues

The following known issues affect the ThinApp 4.6 release:

  • When running ThinApp Converter on VMware Workstation virtual machines, ensure that the Workstation virtual machines are using bridged networking.
  • When running more than one instance of ThinApp Converter, ensure that the INI files are configured so that the Converters do not use the same virtual machines.
  • ThinApp Converter runs on multiple virtual machines simultaneously. To prevent errors, ensure that the virtual machines do not have identical names.
  • For optimal performance, use Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 as a file server for network share. The file server requires sufficient system resources to handle a high volume of file operations. Do not use the host that runs ThinAppConverter.exe as the file server for the network share.
  • If you install Adobe Flash Player on a capture system to watch the Quick Start video in the Setup Capture wizard, and you capture applications that require Adobe Flash Player, the captured applications fail when you deploy them on a system that does not have Adobe Flash Player.
    To avoid deployment errors, you can install Adobe Flash Player to watch the video and revert to a clean snapshot of the capture system before you capture an application. If you do not want to install Adobe Flash Player, you can watch the video on YouTube from a browser outside of the capture environment.
  • Virtual Internet Explorer 6 does not display Internet Explorer help correctly on Windows 7.
  • Virtual Internet Explorer 6 and virtual Internet Explorer 7 do not work on Windows Vista.
  • During the initial launch of NX Client from a Windows XP SP3 32-bit operating system, a service related notification appears. This notification does not affect the NX Client functionality and can be safely ignored.
  • Non-administrative users cannot run thinreg /a. If a non-administrative user runs thinreg /a on Virtual Internet Explorer 6 with a ThinDirect.txt file, an error message does not appear, however redirection is not implemented.
  • When ThinDirect is used to redirect a URL from Internet Explorer 8 to a virtualized Internet Explorer 6 URL, the Internet Explorer 6 window might be hidden behind the Internet Explorer 8 window. In addition, the redirection message might appear in a second Internet Explorer 8 tab, adjacent to the original Internet Explorer 8 tab.
  • Redirection to virtual Internet Explorer 6 fails if virtual Internet Explorer 6 is registered using thinreg /a, without virtual Internet Explorer 6 being first placed in a directory that is accessible by non-Administrator users, such as the Program Files directory.
  • Google Chrome that is captured by ThinApp does not run on Windows 7 x64.
  • In virtual Microsoft Office 2007, the SmartArt feature is not supported for Japanese characters.
  • Lotus Notes 8.3 that is captured by ThinApp does not run on Windows 64-bit machines.
  • Virtual Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional cannot create a PDF file from a native Microsoft Word or native Microsoft Excel document. ThinApp does not support virtualization of printer drivers.
  • When you use the Application Link utility, you must build the base package and linked packages with the same version of ThinApp.
    To upgrade older packages to include the latest version of the ThinApp runtime, use the relink.exe utility.
  • The Application Sync utility fails when the AppSyncURL parameter in the Package.ini file contains Japanese characters.
    To prevent this failure, use ASCII characters in the AppSyncURL parameter.
  • For backward compatibility reasons, Thinstall appears in the user profile and as the folder in which ThinApp creates the sandbox.
  • The Browse button does not display the Open dialog box when you try to Import Certificates on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit operating system. For more information see KB article 2092302

For more information about known issues with ThinApp packages, see the VMware Knowledge Base.

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