VMware ThinApp 4.7.2 Release Notes

ThinApp 4.7.2 | 05 July 2012 | Build 771812

Last Document Update: 05 July 2012

These release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

The ThinApp 4.7.2 release adds the following features to improve ThinApp usability, performance, and updates:

  • Streaming - ThinApp agent is now able to stream the virtualized application blocks to View desktops without deploying the entire package. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 2030247
  • Update Support - With this feature ThinApp can now enable Horizon Connector to recognize multiple versions of an application package and then deploy the updated package to the Agent. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 2030248
  • Relink Support - This feature allows ThinApp users to enable Horizon support for packages which are created prior to ThinApp 4.7 without a rebuild. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 2021928
  • New Sandbox Parameter - A new Package.ini parameter, RemoveSandBoxOnStart, is now available. You can set RemoveSandBoxOnStart=1 to clear the sandbox on each launch of an application.

For additional information about ThinApp 4.7.2, visit the following Web sites:

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Prior Releases of VMware ThinApp 4

Features from prior releases of VMware ThinApp 4 are described in the release notes for each release. To view release notes for prior releases, click one of the following links:

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Resolved Issues

The ThinApp 4.7.2 release resolves the following issues:

  • Facility Management application FM TOOLS, virtualized using ThinApp 4.6.1 and ThinApp 4.6.2 fails to display graphs.
  • When using "Attach PDF as Email" option in a capture of Adobe Reader 9 with a natively installed version of Outlook 2010, Adobe Reader displays an error if outlook 2010 is open.
  • On Windows 2008 R2-64bit operating system, if you launch Windows Media Player Plug-in from Mozilla Firefox it will not work.
  • Virtual Adobe InDesign CS 3.0 fails after launch, the application displays the splash screen for a few seconds and then it freezes.
  • WritePrivateProfileString() can create a garbled ini file when Japanese characters are used.
  • HP OpenView client fails on Windows 7 operating system with an error message.
  • The help option for virtual Microsoft Word 2010, does not work on Windows 2008-64 bit platform. When you press F1 to launch help, the following error message is displayed: "There are no help topics available that match your request"
  • In virtual Visual Mind 11 application, you cannot launch an exe which has dependency on a package from the primary data container.

Known Issues

The following known issues affect the ThinApp 4.7.2 release:

  • ThinDirect supports the redirection of all browser pages except a specified list of URLs. This enhancement, new in ThinApp 4.6.2, is supported only on Internet Explorer 6.
  • If you install Adobe Flash Player on a capture system to watch the Quick Start video in the Setup Capture wizard, and you capture applications that require Adobe Flash Player, the captured applications fail when you deploy them on a system that does not have Adobe Flash Player.
    To avoid deployment errors, you can install Adobe Flash Player to watch the video and revert to a clean snapshot of the capture system before you capture an application. If you do not want to install Adobe Flash Player, you can watch the video on YouTube from a browser outside of the capture environment.
  • Virtual Internet Explorer 6 displays incorrect Internet Explorer Help on Windows 7 operating system.
  • Non-administrative users cannot run thinreg /a. If a non-administrative user runs thinreg /a on Virtual Internet Explorer 6 with a ThinDirect.txt file, redirection is not implemented, however an error message does not appear.
  • When deploying virtual Japanese 2007 Office on Windows 7, the Japanese characters inserted in Word might display incorrectly. To correct the display, change the font to MS ゴシック.
  • A ThinApp package must be used with the ThinApp SDK on an operating system that uses the same code page (language).
  • In virtual Internet Explorer 9, you need to clear the Enable Protected Mode check box in the Internet Options > Security tab, so that the "Open in new tab" feature works.
  • When you attempt to run virtual Microsoft 2010 applications the first time by double-clicking a file name, the application might fail to open and an error message is displayed that Windows cannot find a file. To search for the file, go to Start > Search > For files or folders and enter the file name. The application launches and the file opens.
  • If virtual Microsoft Word 2010 is running in protected view, You cannot open the word files on Windows Vista 32-bit or Windows 2008 64-bit platforms.
  • Virtual Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express SP1 services fail to start on Windows 64-bit platforms.
  • ThinApp Converter runs on multiple virtual machines simultaneously. To prevent errors, ensure that the virtual machines do not have identical names.
  • Thinreg.exe registers virtual applications even if a wrong argument is used.
  • ThinApp 4.7.2 is not supported on Windows NT4 operating system.
  • ThinDirect does not support POST data operation.

For more information about known issues with ThinApp packages, see the VMware Knowledge Base.

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