VMware User Environment Manager 8.6 Release Notes

VMware User Environment Manager 8.6 | 19 May 2015

These release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

This is the first release of VMware User Environment Manager, formerly Immidio Flex+. VMware User Environment Manager offers personalization and dynamic policy configuration across any virtual, physical, and cloud-based environment. User Environment Manager can simplify end-user profile management with a single and scalable solution. IT can simply map infrastructure (including networks and printer mappings) and dynamically set policies for end users. You can experience quick, personalized, and consistent access to your Windows workspace and applications.


If you migrate from VMware Persona Management to VMware User Environment Manager, refer to KB article 2118056 for the required migration steps.

Known Issues

The following issues might occur in VMware User Environment Manager 8.6.0.

  • Cannot display button text on some Asian versions of Windows operating systems

    On some Asian versions of Windows operating systems, the button text in the Management Console, the Application Profiler, and the Helpdesk Support Tool might be missing.
    Workaround: Specify the /NoScale command line argument when you start the Management Console. There is no workaround for the Application Profiler and the Helpdesk Support Tool.

  • Certain conditions can cause issues if using Horizon View

    VMware User Environment Manager has a powerful condition engine which can be used to apply settings based on the user role, location, and device. Two of those conditions are the Terminal Server Client IP Address and the Terminal Server Client Name. If you use these conditions in a Horizon View environment, the relevant information is not available at log in and when you reconnect to a disconnected session.

    Workaround: This workaround applies to Horizon View 5.x and 6.x. Set the printer mapping to occur later during the log in process. Complete the following steps.

    1. Start the VMware User Environment Manager - Management Console and select the User Environment tab.
    2. Select Shortcuts and click Create to create a new shortcut.
    3. Complete the following shortcut information.
      • Name: User Environment Refresh at Startup
      • Target: C:\Program Files\Immidio\Flex Profiles\FlexEngine.exe
      • Arguments: -uemrefresh -uemrefreshwait
      • Destination: select Programs folder and enter Startup
      • Do NOT select Run asynchronously
      • Click Save to create the shortcut.
    4. Log in with a user account and test that the printer settings that use the conditions Terminal Server Client IP Address or Terminal Server Client Name are created at logon.

    Note: The -uemrefresh parameter refreshes printer mappings, shortcuts, and file type associations. Consult the VMware User Environment Manager Administration Guide if more granular control is required for refreshed items. If you use the reconnect session trigger for a triggered task, the Only applies if the client IP changed since session was disconnected option must not be set when running in Horizon View sessions. If you run a command from a triggered task, VMware User Environment Manager makes a number of special environment variables available. These variables are not available in Horizon View sessions.

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