VMware vRealize CloudClient 4.0 Release Notes

vRealize CloudClient 4.0 | 17 DEC 2015 | Build 3343843

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

  • The vra content and vra package commands have been added to import and export blueprints, software components, property groups, property definitions, and XaaS (formerly Advanced Service Designer) content.
    • The vra asd export commands have been retired in this release. Advanced Service Designer content exported from a vRealize Automation 6.x instance can still be imported into vRealize Automation 7.0 using the vra asd import command.
  • The following commands have been updated for compatibility with vRealize Automation 7.0:
    • The vra iaas blueprint commands have been renamed to vra blueprint and now manage the new unified blueprints.
    • The vra catalog request generate template command has been introduced to reflect the new consumer API capability.
    • The vra provisioneditem commands have been replaced with vra deployment and vra machines to reflect the new organization of provisioned resources.
  • The vra deployment action execute and vra machines action execute commands now return the GUID of the newly created request so that the request status can be monitored.
  • When using the vra credential add command, the password can now by entered securely by omitting the --password parameter.
  • vra commands now support contextual auto-completion of command options. When running CloudClient in interactive mode, most command parameters can be auto-completed by pressing the [TAB] key.
  • New vra rest commands have been added to provide a simple way to make authenticated vRealize Automation API calls from the command line.
  • New commands have been added to remove a machine from management by vRealize Automation and remove inactive compute resources.
  • CloudClient now supports disaster recovery for vSphere 6 by using Site Recovery Manager 6.


To run CloudClient, run the cloudclient.sh (Unix) or cloudclient.bat (Windows) command.

When running CloudClient in script mode, use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") in command arguments.

Use the following guidelines for the best Windows experience when running CloudClient:

  • Ensure that your Command Prompt (or PowerShell) uses the same value for Window Buffer Width and Window Width. If your prompt's Window Buffer Width is larger than your Window Width, commands do not wrap properly.
  • Only the [Home] and [End] keyboard shortcut keys are supported when running CloudClient.

For full product documentation, open docs/index.html in your browser.

Resolved Issues

  • Reconfigure requests no longer fail silently when there is no IaaS login
    It is no longer required to provide IaaS credentials to execute the reconfigure action on provisioned machines.

  • Custom properties that are not visible in the vRealize Automation UI are no longer returned by CloudClient
    In previous versions, CloudClient would return custom property values that should not be exposed to the end user. Custom properties that are not marked as "show in request" are only visible to business group managers.

  • The reprovision action is now supported by CloudClient
    In previous versions, the reprovision action would fail with the result that the machine would be destroyed without being provisioned again. The reprovision action now works as expected.

Known Issues

  • The vco workflow list command does not support paging
    The response for the vco workflow list command is always displayed as a single list regardless of paging configuration.