vCloud REST API Admin Elements

Admin Elements

Admin Elements (19)

Element Description Since
AdminCatalog Admin representation of the container for meta data (key-value pair) associated to different entities in the system. 1.5
AdminOrg The AdminOrgType represents an administrative view of an organization. 0.9
AdminVdc Provides an administrative view of a vDC. 0.9
ExternalNetwork Admin representation of external network. 1.0
GeneralOrgSettings Defines general og settings. 1.5
Group Represents group in the system. 0.9
OrgEmailSettings Defines the email settings for an organization. 0.9
OrgLdapSettings Base settings for LDAP connection 1.5
OrgNetwork Represents an organization network in the vCloud model. 0.9
OrgPasswordPolicySettings Represents the settings related to Password Policy. 1.5
OrgSettings Describes various settings for some organization. 1.5
OrgVAppTemplateLeaseSettings Defines default lease policies for vAppTemplate on organization level. 1.5
ProviderVdc Provider vDC read only type. 0.9
Right Represents a right in the system. 0.9
Role Particular role that has a collection of rights. 0.9
User Represents users in the vCloud system. 0.9
VAppLeaseSettings Defines default lease durations and policies for an organization. 0.9
VCloud Top level container representing the cloud from the administrator's point of view. 0.9
VdcReferences List of organization vDCs backed by this provider vDC. 1.0