vCloud REST API Admin Types

Admin Types

Admin Types (35)

Type Description Since
AdminCatalogType Admin representation of the container for meta data (key-value pair) associated to different entities in the system. 1.5
AdminOrgType The AdminOrgType represents an administrative view of an organization. 0.9
AdminVdcType Provides an administrative view of a vDC. 0.9
CatalogsListType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference catalogs. 0.9
CustomOrgLdapSettingsType Used when OrgLdapMode=CUSTOM to define connection details for the organization's LDAP service. 0.9
ExternalNetworkType Admin representation of external network. 1.0
GroupType Represents group in the system. 0.9
GroupsListType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference groups. 0.9
NetworkPoolReferencesType List of network pools in this vDC. 0.9
NetworkPoolType Represents a network pool. 0.9
NetworksType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference ExternalNetwork objects. 0.9
OrgEmailSettingsType Defines the email settings for an organization. 0.9
OrgGeneralSettingsType Defines general og settings. 1.5
OrgLdapGroupAttributesType Defines how a group is imported from LDAP. 0.9
OrgLdapSettingsType Base settings for LDAP connection 1.5
OrgLdapUserAttributesType Defines how LDAP attributes are used when importing a user. 0.9
OrgLeaseSettingsType Defines default lease durations and policies for an organization. 0.9
OrgPasswordPolicySettingsType Represents the settings related to Password Policy. 1.5
OrgSettingsType Describes various settings for some organization. 0.9
OrgVAppTemplateLeaseSettingsType Defines default lease policies for vAppTemplate on organization level. 1.5
OrganizationReferenceType Represents a reference to an Organization. 0.9
OrganizationReferencesType Container for OrganizationReferenceType elements that reference AdminOrgType objects. 0.9
ProviderVdcCapacityType Represents resource capacity in a provider vDC. 0.9
ProviderVdcReferencesType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference ProviderVdcType objects. 0.9
ProviderVdcType Provider vDC read only type. 0.9
RightReferencesType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference the predefined RightType objects. 0.9
RightType Represents a right in the system. 0.9
RoleReferencesType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference RoleType objects. 0.9
RoleType Particular role that has a collection of rights. 0.9
RootComputeCapacityType Represents compute capacity with units. 0.9
SmtpServerSettingsType Specifies connection details for the organization s SMTP server. 0.9
UserType Represents users in the vCloud system. 0.9
UsersListType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference users. 0.9
VCloudType Top level container representing the cloud from the administrator's point of view. 0.9
VdcReferencesType List of organization vDCs backed by this provider vDC. 1.0