vCloud REST API Elements


Elements (233)

Element Description Since
AdminAllocatedExternalAddressRecord Type for AdminAllocatedExternalAddress query result records. 1.5
AdminCatalog Admin representation of the container for meta data (key-value pair) associated to different entities in the system. 1.5
AdminCatalogItemRecord Type for AdminCatalogItem query result records. 1.5
AdminCatalogRecord Type for AdminCatalog query result records. 1.5
AdminGroupRecord Type for AdminGroup query result records. 1.5
AdminMediaRecord Type for AdminMedia query result records. 1.5
AdminOrg The AdminOrgType represents an administrative view of an organization. 0.9
AdminOrgNetworkRecord Type for AdminOrgNetwork query result records. 1.5
AdminShadowVMRecord Type for AdminShadowVM query result records. 1.5
AdminTaskRecord Type for AdminTask query result records. 1.5
AdminUserRecord Type for AdminUser query result records. 1.5
AdminVAppNetworkRecord Type for AdminVAppNetwork query result records. 1.5
AdminVAppRecord Type for AdminVApp query result records. 1.5
AdminVAppTemplateRecord Type for AdminVAppTemplate query result records. 1.5
AdminVMRecord Type for AdminVM query result records. 1.5
AdminVdc Provides an administrative view of a vDC. 0.9
AdminVdcRecord Type for AdminVdc query result records. 1.5
AdminVdcReference AdminVdc reference element. 0.9
AdminVdcReferences A container for AdminVdc reference elements.
AllEULAsAccepted Used to confirm acceptance of all EULAs in a vApp template. 0.9
AllocatedExternalAddressRecord Type for AllocatedExternalAddress query result records. 1.5
AmqpSettings Represents the settings for the AMQP broker. 1.5
AmqpSettingsTest Represents the result from AMQP settings test. 1.5
BlockingTask Describes a blocking task request. 1.5
BlockingTaskOperationParams Parameters to POST with a blocking task action. 1.5
BlockingTaskOperations List of operation names. 1.5
BlockingTaskRecord Type for BlockingTask query result records. 1.5
BlockingTaskReference BlockingTask reference element. 0.9
BlockingTaskReferences (extension/v1.5) This is the container for returned elements in referenceView
BlockingTaskReferences (v1.5) A container for BlockingTask reference elements.
BlockingTaskSettings Represents the settings related to blocking tasks. 1.5
BlockingTaskUpdateProgressParams Parameters to update a blocking task with a new timeout. 1.5
BrandingSettings BrandingSettings stores all information about how to brand the product for vCloud service, like provider name, logo etc. 1.5
CaptureVAppParams Represents the parameters for capturing a vApp to a vApp template. 0.9
Catalog Container for references to VappTemplate and Media objects. 0.9
CatalogItem Contains a reference to a VappTemplate or Media object and related metadata. 0.9
CatalogItemRecord Type for CatalogItem query result records. 1.5
CatalogItemReference CatalogItem reference element. 0.9
CatalogItemReferences A container for CatalogItem reference elements.
CatalogRecord Type for Catalog query result records. 1.5
CatalogReference Catalog reference element. 0.9
CatalogReferences A container for Catalog reference elements.
CellRecord Type for Cell query result records. 1.5
CloneMediaParams Represents parameters for copying a media resource and optionally deleting the source. 0.9
CloneVAppParams Represents parameters for copying a vApp and optionally deleting the source. 0.9
CloneVAppTemplateParams Represents parameters for copying a vApp template and optionally deleting the source. 0.9
ComposeVAppParams Represents vApp composition parameters. 0.9
ControlAccessParams Used to control access to resources. 0.9
CustomizationSection Represents a vApp template customization settings section. 1.0
Datastore Represents datastore object. 1.5
DatastoreProviderVdcRelationRecord Type for DatastoreProviderVdcRelation query result records. 1.5
DatastoreRecord Type for Datastore query result records. 1.5
DatastoreReference Datastore reference element. 0.9
DatastoreReferences (v1.5) A container for Datastore reference elements.
DatastoreReferences (extension/v1.5) Collection of datastore references. 1.5
DeployVAppParams Represents vApp/VM deployment parameters. 0.9
DhcpService DHCP service settings
DvSwitchRecord Type for DvSwitch query result records. 1.5
EmailSettings Represent all the email related settings in the system. 1.5
Entity Basic entity type in the vCloud object model. 0.9
Error The standard error message type used in the vCloud REST API. 0.9
EventRecord Type for Event query result records. 1.5
ExternalNetwork Admin representation of external network. 1.0
File Represents a file to be transferred (uploaded or downloaded). 0.9
FirewallService Firewall service settings
GeneralOrgSettings Defines general og settings. 1.5
GeneralSettings Represents the general part of the system settings. 1.5
Group Represents group in the system. 0.9
GroupRecord Type for Group query result records. 1.5
GroupReference Group reference element. 0.9
GroupReferences A container for Group reference elements.
GuestCustomizationSection Represents a guest customization settings. 1.0
Host Read only representation of one host in a vSphere server. 1.0
HostRecord Type for Host query result records. 1.5
HostReference Host reference element. 0.9
HostReferences A container for Host reference elements.
ImportMediaParams Represents parameters to import media from vSphere. 1.5
ImportVmAsVAppParams Parameters to import a virtual machine as a vApp. 1.0
ImportVmAsVAppTemplateParams Parameters to import a virtual machine as a vApp template. 1.0
ImportVmIntoExistingVAppParams Parameters to import a virtual machine into an existing VApp. 1.5
InstantiateOvfParams Represents vApp instantiation from OVF parameters
InstantiateVAppTemplateParams Represents vApp template instantiation parameters. 0.9
IpsecVpnLocalPeer Gives more details of local peer end point. 1.5
IpsecVpnPeer This is the root type for all Ipsec-VPN peers. 1.5
IpsecVpnRemotePeer Gives more details of remote peer end point. 1.5
IpsecVpnService Ipsec Vpn service settings 1.5
IpsecVpnThirdPartyPeer Gives more details of third party peer end point. 1.5
LdapSettings Defines the hostname and connection details for system LDAP service. 1.5
LeaseSettingsSection Represents the lease settings section for a vApp. 0.9
License This is used by the API to update and retrieve site license specific information. 1.5
LicensingReport Represents a read-only licensing metric report. 1.0
LicensingReports Represents a list of licensing reports. 1.0
Link Extends reference type by adding relation attribute. 0.9
ManagedServer Captures a single set of metrics for a managed server for a given sample. 1.0
Media Represents a media. 0.9
MediaInsertOrEjectParams Represents parameters for inserting/ejecting media to VM. 0.9
MediaRecord Type for Media query result records. 1.5
MediaReference Media reference element. 0.9
MediaReferences A container for Media reference elements.
NatService NAT service settings
NetworkAssignment Represents mapping between a VM and vApp network. 0.9
NetworkConfigSection Represents the network config section of a vApp. 0.9
NetworkConnection Represents a network connection. 0.9
NetworkConnectionSection Represents a list of network cards existing in a VM. 0.9
NetworkPoolRecord Type for NetworkPool query result records. 1.5
NetworkPoolReference NetworkPool reference element. 0.9
NetworkPoolReferences A container for NetworkPool reference elements.
NetworkRecord Type for Network query result records. 1.5
NetworkReference Network reference element. 0.9
NetworkReferences A container for Network reference elements.
NetworkService This is the root of the substitution group for network services.
NotificationsSettings Represents the settings related to Notifications. 1.5
Org Represents an organization. 0.9
OrgEmailSettings Defines the email settings for an organization. 0.9
OrgLdapSettings Base settings for LDAP connection 1.5
OrgList Represents a list of organizations. 0.9
OrgNetwork Represents an organization network in the vCloud model. 0.9
OrgNetworkRecord Type for OrgNetwork query result records. 1.5
OrgNetworkReference OrgNetwork reference element. 0.9
OrgNetworkReferences A container for OrgNetwork reference elements.
OrgPasswordPolicySettings Represents the settings related to Password Policy. 1.5
OrgRecord Type for Org query result records. 1.5
OrgReference Org reference element. 0.9
OrgReferences A container for Org reference elements.
OrgSettings Describes various settings for some organization. 1.5
OrgVAppTemplateLeaseSettings Defines default lease policies for vAppTemplate on organization level. 1.5
OrgVdcRecord Type for OrgVdc query result records. 1.5
OrgVdcReference OrgVdc reference element. 0.9
OrgVdcReferences A container for OrgVdc reference elements.
OrgVdcResourcePoolRelationRecord Type for OrgVdcResourcePoolRelation query result records. 1.5
OrganizationResourcePoolSet Represents a set of resource pools that back an organization vDC. 1.5
Owner Represents the owner of this entity. 1.5
PortgroupRecord Type for Portgroup query result records. 1.5
PrepareHostParams Parameters for preparing an ESX/ESXi host. 0.9
ProductSectionList Essentially a container with a list of product sections.
ProviderVdc Provider vDC read only type. 0.9
ProviderVdcResourcePoolRelationRecord Type for ProviderVdcResourcePoolRelation query result records. 1.5
PublishCatalogParams Parameters used when publishing catalogs. 0.9
QueryList Container for the list of typed queries available to the requesting user.
QueryResultRecords Represents the results from a vCloud query as records. 1.5
RasdItemsList Represents a list of RASD items. 0.9
RecomposeVAppParams Represents vApp re-composition parameters. 1.0
Record Base elements for a query result record.
Reference A reference to a resource. 0.9
References This is the container for returned elements in referenceView
RegisterVimServerParams Represents parameters to register a vCenter server. 0.9
RelocateParams Parameters to be used for vm relocation. 1.5
ResourceEntity Base type that represents a resource entity such as a vApp template or virtual media. 0.9
ResourcePoolList Represents a list of available resource pools that have not been assigned to any vDCs (provider or org). 1.0
ResourcePoolRecord Type for ResourcePool query result records. 1.5
Right Represents a right in the system. 0.9
RightRecord Type for Right query result records. 1.5
RightReference Right reference element. 0.9
RightReferences A container for Right reference elements.
Role Particular role that has a collection of rights. 0.9
RoleRecord Type for Role query result records. 1.5
RoleReference Role reference element. 0.9
RoleReferences A container for Role reference elements.
RuntimeInfoSection Runtime information for a specific vm 1.5
Sample Represents a single licensing data collection point. 1.0
ScreenTicket The ticket for accessing the console of a VM. 0.9
SerialPortConfigType Internal use only. 1.5
Session Represents a vCloud Session. 1.5
ShadowVMReferences A container for shadow VM reference elements.
ShieldManager Represents credentials to a vShield Manager server. 0.9
StaticRoutingService Static Routing service settings 1.5
StrandedUserRecord Type for StrandedUser query result records. 1.5
SystemPasswordPolicySettings Represents the settings related to Password Policy. 1.5
SystemSettings Represents the settings of the system. 1.5
Task Represents an asynchronous or long-running task in the vCloud environment. 0.9
TaskRecord Type for Task query result records. 1.5
TaskReference Task reference element. 0.9
TaskReferences A container for Task reference elements.
TasksList A list of tasks. 0.9
UberAdminSettings Internal use only. 1.5
UndeployVAppParams Represents vApp/VM undeployment parameters. 0.9
UpdateResourcePoolSetParams Represents update parameters for resource pools backing provider vdc 1.5
UploadVAppTemplateParams Represents vApp Template upload parameters. 0.9
User Represents users in the vCloud system. 0.9
UserRecord Type for User query result records. 1.5
UserReference User reference element. 0.9
UserReferences A container for User reference elements.
VApp Represents a vApp. 0.9
VAppLeaseSettings Defines default lease durations and policies for an organization. 0.9
VAppNetwork Represents a vApp network. 1.5
VAppNetworkRecord Type for VAppNetwork query result records. 1.5
VAppNetworkReference VAppNetwork reference element. 0.9
VAppNetworkReferences A container for VAppNetwork reference elements.
VAppOrgNetworkRelationRecord Type for VAppOrgNetworkRelation query result records. 1.5
VAppOrgNetworkRelationReference VAppOrgNetworkRelation reference element. 0.9
VAppOrgNetworkRelationReferences A container for VAppOrgNetworkRelation reference elements.
VAppRecord Type for VApp query result records. 1.5
VAppReference VApp reference element. 0.9
VAppReferences A container for VApp reference elements.
VAppTemplate Represents a vApp template. 0.9
VAppTemplateRecord Type for VAppTemplate query result records. 1.5
VAppTemplateReference VAppTemplate reference element. 0.9
VAppTemplateReferences A container for VAppTemplate reference elements.
VCloud Top level container representing the cloud from the administrator's point of view. 0.9
VMRecord Type for VM query result records. 1.5
VMReference VM reference element. 0.9
VMReferences A container for VM reference elements.
VMWExtension List links to extension operations and entities. 1.0
VMWExternalNetwork External network type. 1.0
VMWExternalNetworkReferences Represents a list of available external networks. 1.0
VMWHostReferences Represents a list of available hosts. 1.0
VMWNetworkPool Base extension network pool type. 1.0
VMWNetworkPoolReferences Represents a list of available network pools. 1.0
VMWProviderVdc Extension representation of provider vDC type. 1.0
VMWProviderVdcRecord Type for VMWProviderVdc query result records. 1.5
VMWProviderVdcReference VMWProviderVdc reference element. 0.9
VMWProviderVdcReferences (extension/v1.5) Represents a list of available provider vDCs. 1.0
VMWProviderVdcReferences (v1.5) A container for VMWProviderVdc reference elements.
VMWProviderVdcResourcePoolSet Represents backing resource pool set 1.5
VMWVimServerReferences List of references to vCenter servers registered to vCloud Director. 1.0
Vdc Represents a virtual data center (vDC). 0.9
VdcReferences List of organization vDCs backed by this provider vDC. 1.0
VimObjectRef Represents the moref and the type of a vSphere object. 0.9
VimServer Represents vCenter server information. 0.9
VirtualCenterRecord Type for VirtualCenter query result records. 1.5
VirtualCenterReference VirtualCenter reference element. 0.9
VirtualCenterReferences A container for VirtualCenter reference elements.
VirtualMachine Represents a single set of virtual machine metrics. 1.0
Vm Represents a VM. 0.9
VmObjectRefsList A list of references to virtual machines in vCenter inventory. 1.0
VmPendingQuestion Represents a question which vSphere issued for a VM in a stuck state(WAITING_FOR_INPUT). 0.9
VmQuestionAnswer Represents a VM answer to a question when the VM is in a stuck (WAITING_FOR_INPUT) state. 0.9
VmVimInfo Represents a vSphere VM information. 1.5