vCloud REST API Extension Elements

Extension Elements

Extension Elements (51)

Element Description Since
AmqpSettings Represents the settings for the AMQP broker. 1.5
AmqpSettingsTest Represents the result from AMQP settings test. 1.5
BlockingTask Describes a blocking task request. 1.5
BlockingTaskOperationParams Parameters to POST with a blocking task action. 1.5
BlockingTaskOperations List of operation names. 1.5
BlockingTaskReferences (extension/v1.5) This is the container for returned elements in referenceView
BlockingTaskSettings Represents the settings related to blocking tasks. 1.5
BlockingTaskUpdateProgressParams Parameters to update a blocking task with a new timeout. 1.5
BrandingSettings BrandingSettings stores all information about how to brand the product for vCloud service, like provider name, logo etc. 1.5
Datastore Represents datastore object. 1.5
DatastoreReferences (extension/v1.5) Collection of datastore references. 1.5
EmailSettings Represent all the email related settings in the system. 1.5
GeneralSettings Represents the general part of the system settings. 1.5
Host Read only representation of one host in a vSphere server. 1.0
ImportMediaParams Represents parameters to import media from vSphere. 1.5
ImportVmAsVAppParams Parameters to import a virtual machine as a vApp. 1.0
ImportVmAsVAppTemplateParams Parameters to import a virtual machine as a vApp template. 1.0
ImportVmIntoExistingVAppParams Parameters to import a virtual machine into an existing VApp. 1.5
LdapSettings Defines the hostname and connection details for system LDAP service. 1.5
License This is used by the API to update and retrieve site license specific information. 1.5
LicensingReport Represents a read-only licensing metric report. 1.0
LicensingReports Represents a list of licensing reports. 1.0
ManagedServer Captures a single set of metrics for a managed server for a given sample. 1.0
NotificationsSettings Represents the settings related to Notifications. 1.5
OrganizationResourcePoolSet Represents a set of resource pools that back an organization vDC. 1.5
PrepareHostParams Parameters for preparing an ESX/ESXi host. 0.9
RegisterVimServerParams Represents parameters to register a vCenter server. 0.9
ResourcePoolList Represents a list of available resource pools that have not been assigned to any vDCs (provider or org). 1.0
Sample Represents a single licensing data collection point. 1.0
ShieldManager Represents credentials to a vShield Manager server. 0.9
SystemPasswordPolicySettings Represents the settings related to Password Policy. 1.5
SystemSettings Represents the settings of the system. 1.5
UberAdminSettings Internal use only. 1.5
UpdateResourcePoolSetParams Represents update parameters for resource pools backing provider vdc 1.5
VMWExtension List links to extension operations and entities. 1.0
VMWExternalNetwork External network type. 1.0
VMWExternalNetworkReferences Represents a list of available external networks. 1.0
VMWHostReferences Represents a list of available hosts. 1.0
VMWNetworkPool Base extension network pool type. 1.0
VMWNetworkPoolReferences Represents a list of available network pools. 1.0
VMWProviderVdc Extension representation of provider vDC type. 1.0
VMWProviderVdcReferences (extension/v1.5) Represents a list of available provider vDCs. 1.0
VMWProviderVdcResourcePoolSet Represents backing resource pool set 1.5
VMWVimServerReferences List of references to vCenter servers registered to vCloud Director. 1.0
VimObjectRef Represents the moref and the type of a vSphere object. 0.9
VimServer Represents vCenter server information. 0.9
VirtualMachine Represents a single set of virtual machine metrics. 1.0
VmObjectRefsList A list of references to virtual machines in vCenter inventory. 1.0
VmVimInfo Represents a vSphere VM information. 1.5