GET /vApp/{id}

GET /vApp/{id}
Retrieves a vApp/VM. The vApp/VM could be in one of these statues: FAILED_CREATION(-1) - Transient entity state, e.g., model object is created but the corresponding VC backing does not exist yet. This is further sub-categorized in the respective entities. UNRESOLVED(0) - Entity is whole, e.g., VM creation is complete and all the required model objects and VC backings are created. RESOLVED(1) - Entity is resolved. DEPLOYED(2) - Entity is deployed. SUSPENDED(3) - All VMs of the vApp are suspended. POWERED_ON(4) - All VMs of the vApp are powered on. WAITING_FOR_INPUT(5) - VM is pending response on a question. UNKNOWN(6) - Entity state could not be retrieved from the inventory, e.g., VM power state is null. UNRECOGNIZED(7) - Entity state was retrieved from the inventory but could not be mapped to an internal state. POWERED_OFF(8) - All VMs of the vApp are powered off. INCONSISTENT_STATE(9) Apply to VM status, if a vm is POWERED_ON, or WAITING_FOR_INPUT, but is undeployed, it is in inconsistent state. MIXED(10) - vApp status is set to MIXED when the VMs in the vApp are in different power states.
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